Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tabloid Headline : Schoolgirl spotted "C" on way to school

KASUKABE (SAITAMA PREFECTURE) – WEDNESDAY, 27 January 2010, schoolgirl Miyuki Takahara was on her way to school when she found a “C” on the ground. Miyuki Takahara was on the way to school when she tripped on something. When she stood up after the fall to check on the object which caused her to trip, she was shocked to see a “C”. Miyuki Takahara had suffered abrasions from the fall but is now in good condition, attending school as normal.
- tako ('O')9

(Photos courtesy by unknown passer-by)


  1. :O

    LOLOL XD i cant stop laughing ^o^ my my what a interesting tabloid story you submitted Tako-chan! i think that unknown passer-by was also the one to plant the "C" lol this is so funny.

    extra lol ...apparently the "C" is "delicious" XDDD

  2. high FIVE ('O')^
    i suspect the same too. the passer-by is the ONE, even got the camera ready. maybe it's a Miyuki stalker. LOL.

    yes, "C" is "delicious". LOL. woothoot.

  3. Wow.. She has a sheer amount of "focus" when walking. XD

    I see a "Delicious" C.

  4. Haha pleasant surprise to find a nendo on the headlines!!! Ah wonder who is the photographer /passer by hehe that got the photo of the moment!!

    C...yum.....makes me hungry!!!

  5. @bd77: lol. delicious. all of u caught the "delicious" part of it. LOL.

    @ chubbybots: passer-by? photographer? who could it be?? LOL. it's submitted to the tabloid without a name on the parcel?? shhhhh. it's a secret. HAHAH. actually the packet is in my bag now. HAHHAA. will there be a second victim??

  6. Eh you should put X rated on this blog is that your's :P or ren's :P
    hahahaha nice Idea anyway :D

  7. @moemoekyun: TO put a rating on the post eh.. hah. wel it's pretty harmless when the true identity of "C" is revealed. LOL.

    It's a "gift". i guess i will reveal the true identity of "C" in another post.

    But do any one of you know the truth????

  8. The unknown passerby would be you! Haha!

  9. argh I haven't realized earlier that "C" isn't C that we think our dirty mind make us think that C is "C" hahhahahahha good job tako

  10. Oh no, that "C" is definitely something sinful and make us dirty. Must becareful with it!

  11. @ Marzz: oh who's the passerby? u mean me??? no not me. hahaha.

    @ moemoekyun: yes, u guys are all thinking along some line different from mine. LOL.

    @ B-mecha: u sure this "C" is sinful?? HAHAHA. wel. indeed it is in a sense. LOL.