Friday, January 8, 2010

sktch'y sketch

Tako gives a deep bow before hand and apologises, "Mina-san, i am sorry if the following picture spoils your appetite, your mood, your feelings in one way or many."

**Warning Warning - Danger : Please do not attempt to drink or eat whilst reading this post or you may damage your monitor with splurted drink or meal.


Light-kun has been nice to draw me a sketch and Gojira-san has been nice to pose for it. Here's the product of all the squabbling..

(Light-kun had sneakily tried to write Gojira-san's name down. Glad that he didn't.)

Light-kun has done a better job than me, this is what i managed to churn out. Tako is really lousy at art.

(According to unreliable sources : This is the lastest mutation when kermit the frog mutates into kermit-zilla. This serves as a new threat to mankind and we need Godzilla to protect us.)

Somehow, Tako has went out of CONTROL and started blabbering splattering.

Gojira-san : "Raraaaarawra, roooar rawra roooooaaaaar .." (Intepreted : Takooooooooo, stoppp typing nonsense!")
*Gojira-san drags Tako away leaving behind a trail of splatter.... and apologises..

Tako: Some ink went into my mouth but nonetheless, i wanna sit back and enjoy my lunch music and book..


  1. nice drawing by Light, but he tried to take out gojira! LOL tako, kermit-zilla? i knew kermit was not to be trusted! XDDD Gojira is very responsible and polite too lol i like his signature :D

  2. @ rockleelotus: Hello!!! Light-kun is delighted at compliments, you are so kind. I thank you on his behalf.

    Tako's trying too hard, and Kermit's.. desperate. he had mutated.

    Gojira-san is the elder here, so he gotta set a good example to me and be polite. LOLL. Gojira-san roars in thanks for your compliment. haha.

    @ marzz : Gojira-san is too embarrassed by my nonsense.

  3. LOL nice sketch... BTW I was enjoying my lunch while reading this post... XDXD

    I loved sketching too and i did design a few of my own Gundams, in the HG or MG Boxart style... But these days i seldom draw because campus life is so hectic... =.=

    Resorted to buying PVC figures instead of gunpla which needs time to put together so that i don't have to resist my constant urge for shopping for merchandises...

  4. gojira still alive LOL
    nice drawing tako eh light ^^;;
    when ren will back ??

  5. Actually I kinda like Tako version of Gogira ^^ Kawaii!!

    Haha I used to draw with my buddy back in primary school. The good old days :D

  6. Nice sketch. XD
    Keep practicing, Light, some day your's will be in art galleries.

    Ink into mouth... guh...

  7. @EXkurogane: cool tat u are having lunch and i presume that u didnt spit out ur lunch onto the monitor.

    you sketch! it's great!

    @moemoekyun: thanks for the compliment! Ren may be coming back this weekend? depends..

    @chubbybots: u like kermit-zilla..arigatou gozaimasu! and u draw too!!!!!!!! i was in arts class during my childhood days.. is it the good old days?? i always remembering having to pass up assignments as a kid. ooooohh.

    @ bd77: thank you so much! i will not be able to make it for some art galleries.. ink + spaghetti LOL. yummy. LOL.

    @ everybody:-
    I am at staying awake for my grandpa because I am at my grandpa's funeral wake and loaning my cousin's notebook to reply u guys..i miss my grandpa.i miss him.