Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mystery of “C”

When we have a mystery, who will be excited???

Yako-chan, of course!

There’s a mystery surrounding the story of “C”. There seemed to be an un-known passerby leaving the “C” behind and taking photos of Miyuki. So Yako-chan can’t resist and starts her investigation.

First step to investigation is to read the report by the witness and look for details / evidence in the photos.

*Comments mentioned that there “C” is in Tako’s bag! So let’s hurry!

 (determined look.. oooh scary)

Fumbles through Tako’s bag when she’s not looking.. and slowly edges her way down into the bag.

(peeks into Tako's bag)

(*gulps* Tako's bag looks a lil' too messy and deep)

Can’t find it? Where can it be?

Yako-chan never says die.. she continued searching.. and..

There it is!!!!!! EVIDENCE FOUND IN TAKO'S BAG!!

With a wide smile on the face, she found THE “C” and totally unraveled the mystery!

(Victorious pose with the "sinful" "C" found!)

Please scroll down…













“C” is a yummy chocolate that Tako has been keeping in her bag. She dropped it one day and when she ran back to look for the delicious chocolate, she saw Miyuki and decided to play a prank. Now, Yako and Miyuki gets to share the nice chocolate air-flown from another part of Asia and Tako’s punishment is no delicious chocolate-y “C” as a snack.

(Happy faces upon hearing that they get to share in yummy chocolate.)

(Munching on the chocolate-y "C")

(Tako : Go ahead and enjoy, chocolate is fattening, so sinful to eat. I am on diet. I'm ok with not eating it. *humphs*)



  1. Hello People! Tako's randomness strikes again!It's some wacky chocolate bought in Taiwan. Given to me by my cousin. When she handed it to me, i was like.. wat the.. then burst out laughing when i flipped to find the ingredients.

    so Ren & Tako blog is still healthy for viewers / bloggers of all AGES! LOLL.

    Tako \('O')/

  2. "C" is for Candy!! thus being delicious Lol!
    nice job detective Yako-chan :P they look so happy and cute enjoying their "C" lolol this is Tako randomness at its finest XD

  3. Chocolate... Makes me want to eat one...

  4. Ah sweet ending :D So the mystery of C is solved plus its still PG rated lol!!!

    Ah love the last picture!! Yummy

  5. @rockleelotus: Yes i was jealous that i couldnt eat the chocolate. they enjoyed it a lot. Yako even had some smudged on her face.

    @bd77: Yahhh.. Yako and Miyuki ate the only one i have.

    @chubbybots: YESH! suotable for viewers of all ages, though parental guidance is advised. LOL. was drooling as i snapped their photos. hahaa.

  6. The third last picture is super cute! Hnnng---

  7. The chocolate looks good! Can't tell from its "wrapping"

  8. @playevolution: the girls are so adorable. i thank you on their behalf..

    @marzz: Yes, the "wrapping" looks ultimately misleading. LOL. it's good.

  9. Delicious :D
    hahahha thanks god for moment I comment without thinking about "C" hahaha >_< but I realized that cookies = "C"

  10. @moemoekyun: Yes. good job moe! (: