Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Showers *+*

It's good news! there's a new addition to both Ren & Tako!

It's our beloved.

( i love her "pursed lips" look)

Ren has given Tako this little surprise by the road while waiting for the "little green man" to signal that we may cross the busy 3 lane-ed road. I was screaming out loud and am really glad that i was by the road with cars zooming past, so only Ren could hear how loud and excited i was.

THANK YOU REN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

looking forward to posts abt Saber Lily?? Stay tuned! (maybe a lunch-time post soon! LOL.)
(saber lily rushes off.. she must have seen something..)

Tako \('O')/


  1. Whoa ren is back and with gifts!!! Awesome addition to the nendo family :D

    @ Ren Welcome back man ^^

  2. UWAAH~! Nice loot. :D

    And also, welcome back~!

  3. yay! Welcome back!! and nice Saber Lily Nendo!! she is nice eh~~ and kawaii too~~ XD I got her too early this year ^^

  4. woaw after nendo drossel now saber lily attack my blogroll >.<
    congrats tako :D
    and welcome back ren

  5. @chubbybots: I love this new addition to Nendo family. Saber is totally posable and having great fun with her swords. But somehow i felt tat Ren is better than me with all the epic poses with Saber's swords.

    @bd77: Yes, it's a nice nice lovely lovely addition to Nendo collection. Loving it totally. It comes with 2 swords!!

    @Tsukinari: YOu have got Saber too!! She's nice isn't it?? Am playing around with her hair. LOVE the big ribbons.

    @moemoekyun: saber lily,yes. she attacked my brain (making me think of getting saber nendo day and night) and Ren's wallet. HAHHA.

    @ everybody: YOu guys miss Ren + gundam a lot ehh!! he's still a lil tad busy and worn out. he needs a lil more time to rest.. i can only say, he wanted so much to share with you guys on gunpla..

    tako ('O')9

  6. Everyone is getting Saber Lily eh? I missed out both GSC's and Alter's because i started on the hobby of collecting figures late... T.T Not really into the newer Saber Lily Truimphant Excalibur that is out in July and now up for preorders. It's a hefty 9400 yen.

    As a gunpla collector i guess I'll never be able to compete with hardcore figure collectors out there. Their cash seems to drop down from the sky like no tomorrow, preordering everything that looked cool at first sight -i missed out Black Rock Shooter too.
    The case is like that -I saw a new item i want on preorder list which i want, and i begin to collect some cash. When i want to preorder -PREORDER SOLD OUT -within 3 days after preorder is open!!! I'm just a college student with a budget. T.T

    Just look at these, very tempting too...

  7. @EXkurogane: These figures are ex. really expensive. i am watching fate stay night, hence the poison, got so convinced that i must collect Saber. LOL.

    BRS~~ dun even mention the name, i missed the window period for BRS too.

    Tako ('O')9

    OH the 2 figures, i saw it on lots of blogs covering Wonfess. i like Dead master, i may really go for it.

    BUT i still love gunpla, but well, because Fig give a lazier option, just pay and whola, no need to build. suited for lazybones Tako.

    yes, i agree with you on the "brink of bankruptcy". haha. i want a money plant.

  8. moar babies! lol what an awesome surprise ^^ Saber Lily was a little late and just missed the fun mystery of "C" Lol XDDD

    Tako-chan, you need to get Luka nendo!! she reminds me of you with her little "Tako"-Luka :P