Saturday, February 13, 2010

Calm Before The Storm.

Exia. Commencing attack.

hey pple!! so excited to be back for Chinese New Year.. so much to catch up with you guys.. hope you guys are fine.. anyway. a quick post before my reunion dinner. jus a quick glimpse of my upcoming diorama.. (i hope, fingers crossed. things are still under planning.) haha. i'll skipped the WISP and other photos first. i still dun have the time to type long posts yet.. still have a last W.I.S.P post of Exia.. and a long round of shots of a completed Exia post.. maybe when i come back tonight.. =)

oh.. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR PEOPLE!! thanks for reading! ^^ going off for my dinner now.. ITADAKIMASU!

(^^)"   レンです!   じゃね! 


  1. Welcome back! And Happy Lunar New Year!

  2. oh happy CNY
    wow revorama evangelion
    looking forward for patrickXsetsuna in action ^^

  3. Woah what a way to return man ^^ Happy CNY to you and tako chan!

  4. Cool. A diorama project.

    Anyways, Gong Xi Fatt Chai~! XD

  5. the background for the diorama is so cool, Exia has landed!

    happy CNY!! :D

  6. On behalf of Ren, Tako is here to thank everyone for taking a peep at Ren's upcoming diorama project. I like the "feel" of the diorama. so let's stay tuned for the LONG post that Ren owned all of us.

    Tako ('O')9