Sunday, February 14, 2010

HG GN-001 Gundam Exia W.I.S.P Part 3

pple pple! ren is back to post a minor post on his WISP HG Exia.. today's post will be jus abt how much paint i've used on Exia.. XD im quite surprised with the amt of area that needs painting! as usual, i've stucked to my principle of making sure Exia is accurate to the anime's color scheme and no stickies were used.. as for the photos.. becos it was right before i went to camp, i din have time to take photos of all the parts i've painted.. so minimal photos is all i have.. sorry abt that. but for the completed Exia post, i hope i have the time to spam shutters. =)

Some of the parts that i've painted on the legs.. the GN strip was still not painted yet.. as you can see, alot of the gray parts were painted on.

The upper body is more or less completed.. ^^ the yellow fins were sharpened and more gray parts were painted on too. on the right you see the GN drive's window.. all the GN condensers will be placed in last after i topcoated the main body so that it'll not looked frosted.

Exia says hi.
painted Exia's eyes.. the yellow sides and the top GN strips.. sharpened his V-fins too. =D i'm very glad how nice Exia is starting to turn out (to me).. 

that's all the photos i took for the WISP.. little, i know. but i wanna show you pple how the other parts turned out.. so i decided to sneak a photo from the completed exia.. heh. a little bling bling..

GN Sword! bling bling.. i masked and sprayed painted it.. though it din turn out as well as i've tot it would be.. im contented. you can also see the other parts i've painted.. i.e. GN condensers, GN Drive, GN strip at the torso etc..

Alrites.. that's all the updates i have for W.I.S.P HG Exia.. will try to do up the completed Exia post when i have the time.. heh. anyway, abt catching up.. i've seen so many updates from all of you pple!! woah.. you pple are sure active.. haha. i'm lagging so much behind.. the RX-78 build group, the new loots you got.. and the upcoming kits.. and i dun really have the time to read a week of posts in a day. imagine i follow all the blogs in my bloglist.. so pls forgive me if i'm lagging.. army training can be quite tiring sometimes..

well, hope you guys have been taking care of TAKO.. haha. jkjk. she keeps telling me how much i've been missed and i need to put up some gunpla posts before everybody stops reading our blog.. XD well, thanks alot guys! i do feel a sense of belonging to this blog..  honestly, i'm so proud of her... ^^ i nv knew she's so good at blogging!! she's better den me...!! the 'C' Episode, Gojira san!!.. lolx! im sure a few of you had a good luff.. i did. and you can expect more additions to Tako's nendo army. tt's the only few things that keeps tako occupied when i'm not ard. and of cos you readers too!! without you, tako wouldn't be blogging at all i guess.. >.> haha. thanks alot for your time reading our blog! =) i hope i'll get more time next time after my unit posting.. so much things to do for gunpla! ^^

(^^)"   レンです!   じゃね!


  1. Ohh... Quite nicely done, the condensers. All we need to have is Setsuna showing Patrick on how to "fight". XD

  2. Nice condensers! U used clear green paint? Which brand? Tamiya?

  3. Bling-bling *_*
    nice your exia can stand properly ;_;

  4. @ Moemoekyun for the 1/144 kits exia is pretty stable!

    Nicely done Ren ^^ Haha have been waiting for your come back but haha throughly enjoyed Tako Chan's post too!!

  5. really great job painting all those little details, this kit required so much work lol so you are back as ren version 2.0, upgraded with army training... moar powerful! right? :P

    Tako-cham is a great blogger, we must hear from her more often. Tako randomness = win! ^_^

  6. oh dear, i didn't know that "tako" got mentioned in Ren's post. *gives a deep bow* thank you everyone for the lovely support.

    Nendo army, wel, i am really expanding it. Just got a new loot yesterday. hahaha.. Totally gave in to Rocklee's poison of tako-chan.

    but really up to my neck with work. i hope to do a proper intro for both saber-chan & luka-chan soon!

  7. @bd77: thanks!! haha.. now it's time to prepare for the photoshoot and looking for props for the diorama.. =D

    @Marzz: hey marzz!! good luck to your exams!! =D i followed the exact formula in the manual using tamiya paint! mostly clear green with some clear blue! i love em too.. heh!

    @moemoekyun: haha.. thanks! me love bling bling too. ya.. its quite sturdy actually.. feels like a mini MG gundam. no joke.

    @chubbybots: thanks... haha.. heard that you're retiring for awhile! thats good.. go catch up on your life before its too late.. =D and come aback anew!

    @rockleelotus: thanks man.. haha. this kit really made me spend alot of time doing. but i've learnt alot too.. like its hard to panal line on hand painted parts etc.. ya. heh. Ren Ver. 2.0, i wish! haha. still in training and hopes that i do get more fit.. haha. =D thanks for supporting tako too!!

    thanks so much for the guide and support you guys gave me.. really appreciate it.. even more so now that im busy in the army.. really sucks the energy out of you... thanks and have a good day!