Sunday, November 15, 2009

今日の分捕り品!!! 私たちの最初ケロプラ! Today's loot!!! Our first Keropla! =DD

YESS!!! ^^ today, ren & tako went to singapore's orchard road to walk around and admire some christmas lightings.. she went to have her haircut too.. =) Thereafter, we decided to go Takoshimaya Takashimaya to look at this year's Singapore's BAKUC challenge entries.. it has been held there yearly for the past few years as far as i could remember.. Unfortunately, the 'smart' organizers have decided to showcase them with a brightly lit up background making it impossible to take photos. some examples can be seen at Marzz's blog.. its ridiculously bright!! and so.. im sorrie pple.. can't provide you with photos of the entries. maybe i'll drop by another time to see if they've changed it.

But then... we chanced upon an unexpected sale!! Other than the normal gunpla model kits at a 20% discount, making them very buy-able, we also saw Keropla!! which is keroro's plastic models!! haahaa.. XD

Heaps of Keroplas!

These are mainly the older stocks.. at a 50% discount.. ^^

Yups.. and the ultra excited pair of us, me and tako GRABBED, yes we GRABBED and HUGGED like a bunch of the boxes very close to us. and promised to bite anyone that tried to near us. XD becos the kits are SOOOO CHEAPP.. so we calmed ourselves.. and chose which ones we wanted.. at one point, we really hope chubbybots was around to tell us which ones to buy.. lolx. we were thinking of calling chubbybots, but realised we din have his number. XD honestly, i did tried calling out 'chubbybots' at random, hoping that he's one of those ard rampaging thru the boxes. XDD tako stopped me. >.<

And soooo... i'll present you with our Loots of the DAYYYYY!!!! (LOTD) lolx. tako really liked keroplas more.. cos they're cuter.. ^^

We bought a total of 5 kits!! muahahaha. ^^

4 of which are the MK-IIs!!! Unfortunately we couldn't find the last Keroro Robo MK-II to complete the set. Anyone noes where to get??

Tamama Robo MK-II!!

Kururu Robo MK-II!!

Giroro Robo MK-II!!

Dororo Robo MK-II!!

And our last kit... cos we couldn't find keroro robo and tako found this super cute..

Chibi-Kero!!! its baby Keroro!! look at wad's in his hands???? =DDD

 Our reasons for such a splurging...

Yups!! we decided on these kits for a few reasons.. other than it being CHEAP. you can see the price differences on the boxes itself.. *nods* =D

As for the MK-IIs, you can see that it has two different modes.. a Mech-Mode and a Machine-mode.. each MK-II transforms differently.. but that's not the main reason.. The main reason is the "Secret Mode!" -FINAL FORM- 'God-Kero MK-II mode' that you see at the right side of the MK-II box!! wooo! ^^ and so we concluded that if we ever buy one MK-II kit.. we should complete the set.. XD Right?? isn't it soo?? Goood marketing there Bandai...

For Chibi-Kero, the reason is very obvious. the tiny gunpla kit and Zaku that baby keroro is holding, is simply irresistible!! it even has a tiny NIPPER!!!! omg. TOO CUTE to pass up on!! haha.. even i find it too cute.. you can imagine the look on tako's tentacles face! XP

So we ended up with 5 kits... xD

Alrites... that's all for today pple! im gonna rush out the Chibi Kero now for tako to play with it tml..  ^^ so hope you guys enjoyed reading.. and do look into some keropla for stress relieve when you're panted up inside.. whether its stressful workload/studies or MG modeling/paint job.. its good to have simple kits to work with time to time.. =)

thanks for reading again! feel free to comment! see you guys ard!

-Ever stumble upon an irresistible kit too cheap to pass up on? share with us!-

(^^)"   レンです!  じゃね!


  1. wow that's cheap !!
    I only have one keropla >_< series no.07 like what you bought there

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! awesome loots! lol i just made a comment to you saying i wanted the whole Mk-II set and here you make a post saying you got 4 of them at a great deal! haha i wanted to get the set for the final form combine also. will look for some keropla now, need stress relief too ^^

    man, i laughed so much reading your reaction to seeing the cheap goods and calling out for chubbybots XD but he is a well of gunpla knowledge!

    oh cool i didnt know of the chibi-kero kit! need that now too for the mini gunpla... wow i added a lot to my must GET list after reading this post :P look forward to seeing them built!

  3. Oh, I'm interested to know what MG they have on sale there. ^^

  4. Darn, those are some awesome discounts. XDDD Yay for loot!! Getting more kits for less is always a good thing.

    I still have yet to go to Taka! [I lol'd at the pun, by the way xD] I've always loved looking at the BAKUC entries. Pity about the lighting making photography hard; but now it gives me an excuse to head to Orchard on Monday. :P I wonder how much Gaddess goes for at 20% off.

    This post makes me want to get a chibiKero pla. xD

  5. Yea, my brother got the keroro like you did!

    But was the lighting that bright? I went there yesterday, and it was DARK...

  6. @ Evangelisque: The gaddess was like $27.95.

  7. @Marzz Thanks!! I'm guessing that's not too much difference from HAG [I think it's 26 bucks there].

  8. Aww... Looks like I missed out on the sale. The only time it's better to buy from retail stores is when they have all-out clearance like the keroplas or a certain series with lots and lots of variation kits *cough*Destiny*cough*. The 10/20% discounts off normal kits are sometimes still more expensive than buying from a hobby shop.

    I have less than 10 MG's and half of them were found lying under these clearance piles. The most expensive one was an MG Zeong at SGD$30. I watched the price fall over the months from 80 to 60 and one day it was just dumped in a trolley at $30 a pop!

  9. So many kits.... @_@

    Wished I could just teleport in and out just to grab those.

  10. Ah!!! Those are really really good grabs!!! Now you only lack keroro to complete your gattai mech!!!

    Lol me rumaging :D I'll be loading by the cartful for these stuffs lol.

    Irrisitable kit hehe...I got my HGUC Nu Gundam at 30 dollars, I won't say its the cheapest but I'll say its the best for value buy for me.

    Ps : If there is a Takoshimaya sign me up with the discounts on gunpla haha!

  11. @moemoekyun: yes! very cheap rite!! ^^, you oso have the chibi kero?? cool! haha.. its a good buy rite.. i jus loved the tiny gunpla! =) maybe you can expand your keropla too.. lolx.

    @rockleelotus: hahaha.. thank you thank you.. lolx! yes i jus remb! i din meant to rub it in lee.. XD yups.. me too! i love things that can combine! ever since young i've been collecting sets that can combine.. power rangers, bomberman etc.. heh. looking forward to your loots eh! ^^

    haha.. we really did! we sorta like lose ourselves for like a good 5 mins.. jus mad grabbing.. only to realise lata: 'jus wth are we doing, tako?? aren't we here to look at Gundams?' lolx. really wish chubbybots was ard. XD

    ya! do you noe the mini gunpla actually WORKS if you cut it out?? uber cool man. the small RX-78-2 ever!! im glad i've added alot of mus-get kits for you.. =P sorry to make your wallet bleed. XD yups.. i think i'll post chibi-kero tml since i've finished it.. jus some painting to doooo. =)

    @tamerchris: hey there.. =) they have lots of MG kit there.. other den the newer ones.. MG Blue Frame.. Guntank.. they oso have Destiny, Freedom, Unicorn, Sinanju, Strike noir, sword/launcher, KAMPFER!!!! some zukus... etc.. lolx.. that's all i can remb i think.

    @Evangelisque: heh.. thanks! i jus love the year-end Taka sales.. its only during sales that their prices are comparable. ^^

    yeah.. haha. lucky i din send my RX-78-2 for competition.. lolx. i oso like to admire wad's the competition standards are ard rite now.. and they're very good!! so i mus buck up man. heh. yups.. maybe you can see how bright it is on a camera on monday. xD some excuses for gunpla too! thanks marzz for providing you with the price. haha. im totally clueless man..

    you can join us in keropla!! lolx!!
    ps, jus added you in my blogroll. sorry, forgot the other day! usually its me doing the admin stuff for the blog. hehheh.. ^^

    @Marzz: YA! haha.. i saw it too.. NICE loots there.. sweet little brother there.. heh.

    ya.. its not that bright to the eyes.. but by a camera standard.. its too bright.. making the subject too dark! so i gave up taking photos.. heh.

    @playevolution: hey thanks for dropping by evo! din see you ard a long time.. haha. dun worry man.. the sale is still ard till 20 Dec.. im sure they'll restock more.. lolx. im looking to collect a Destiny EBM and Strike Freedom FBM myself too.. but their coated inner frames.. zzz. yups.. well, its the only time their prices are comparable and we happened to have their shopping vouchers.. heh. tt's why.

    OMGOMGOMGOMG.. $30 bucks MG ZEONG!?!?! where did you get it?? lolx.. i wan toooo.. its super cheap!! its like the prices in japan.. heh. man... nice grab there. =)

    @bd77: haha.. ya.. there's quite a few kits there.. even saw some rare HGUC ground unit set.. those military personnels without any gundam ones.. its quite nice. if i could teleport, i'll grab some and teleport out! lolx! XD

    ps, added you in my blogroll too.. =)

    @chubbybots: hahaha.. many thanks. yaa.. i still need ONE MOREE.... where to get?!? i wan cheap cheapp. lolx. yes..totally can imagine you in the heaps covered. XD do drop by taka to have a look!

    wahhhh.. where you all get such good lobangs one ah.. except the secret HAG members sale.. lolx! 30 bucks Nu Gundam.. yups. definitely best value.. heh.

    LOL. dun worry, you'll be the first to noe.. XD

    thank you pple again!! =)

  12. Everybody!! thanks, for dropping by and sharing with the excitement of getting 5 boxes of totally adorable kits. It's fun to just think of it, imagine combining of the MK-IIs.

    First we started out like farmers harvesting, walking by the aisle and picking up the kits, hands-filled with Keroro. Aren't we here to look at gunpla?? then i was thinking of telephon-ing chubbybots, when Ren said out the exact same thoughts! then Ren started calling out "chubby*cough*bots" and i jumped over to cover to muffle him.. lol.

    and if ONE day, i am capable of opening a Takoshimaya, all of you here will be our special platinum members with the best discounts for gunpla!!

    Now am looking forward to playing with our new kits. OH, dun worry Yako, Gojira-san & my un-make-up RX78-2, i won't forget u guys!!

  13. Thanks. I'm going there early December too, so I want to know first. ^^

  14. Only $5 ?! That's very cheap... (saw the price tag in the 3rd last photo XD)

  15. @tamerchris: sure! hope you get ur hands on smthing there! ^^

    @EXkurogane: HEEE.. yess.. uber cheap!! *grabs more* XD