Thursday, November 26, 2009

Anime Festival Asia 2009 Day One Part 3 - AFA Regional Cosplay Championship '09 X.X


that's right.. ren couldn't take very clear photos of the competition.. my apologies... T.T  even though its blurred.. and not much from each team.. i'll jus post it up becos its part of AFA and it wouldn't be complete without it.. so pls bear with the photos.. ^^. The teams are judged based on the following.. (from AFA website)

Difficulty: 20%
Accuracy: 20%
Quality: 20%
Total: 60%

Character: 10%
Team Effort: 10%
Performance: 20%
Total: 40%
Grand Prize: Trip for 2 to Tokyo, Japan
Special Prize: BROTHER INNOV-IS 900 Embroidery Sewing Machine
Criteria for Grand Prize: Team with highest total score (Costume + Skit) 
Criteria for Special Prize: Team with the highest score for ‘Costume’ only

so i'll begin this Part 3 of AFA coverage... Regional Cosplay Championship '09!

The Main Stage

This is also ren's distance from the stage.. XD

Our host for AFARCC..

In total, there's six finalist teams in this competiton from 5 countries, 2 teams from host country singapore i guess.. here we go..

1st Team: ST Revolution

This team ST Revolution from Singapore, the only team in the competition to use their real live voices during their skit.. other teams used recordings and lip-syncing for their performance. they sang throughout the performance.. in japanese, a song from the anime which they're cosplaying. they sang well.. i mus say the costumes looked very nice and authentic to olden days Japan. a prince in armor and princess in kimono.. its jus that my camera couldn't do justice to them. =(

2nd Team: Sakai no Gumi

Sakai no Gumi from Malaysia, their performance was quite hilarious. its abt Princess Euphemia from Code Geass choosing her knight-to-be, discussing the matter with her sister. its a completely original storyline developed by themselves. Their skit was that euphemia chose three candidates with different nicknames.. one of them was named 'Emo-kid' - it turned out to be Cloud from FF7. wad's funny was.. one of the judges was Kaname-san! XD

Kaname as Cloud *.*

3rd Team: The Endless Illusion

The team from Indonesia - Endless Illusion. their skit was a fight scene.. with some actions. Although there wasn't much talking.. their costumes are really well done!! you can see from the photos that it really stood out on stage with the lightings.. very very bling!! with hologram effects too! and smthing to add.. the 'knight' you see? its a lady inside. kudos! =)

4th Team: 00 Emotions

00 Raiser needed some time to prepare on stage.. wasn't easy moving up the stairs.

He's ready! ^^

 The LEDs are cool. GN particles!

Some fighting poses...

 TRANS-AM MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

00 Emotions! Gundam Cosplayer Clive!! the only one out of the two cosplayers that cosplayed Gundam in the entire AFA. the other one is covered by chubbybots. XDDD Their skit was a rather simple one, with jus 00 Raiser and the princess. becos of that.. you have a princess singing at one side and Gundam swinging about at the other. but the stage effects did helped them as you can see. TRANS-AM with the Raiser wings detacted! and also the other plus point was, they prepared a video of Setsuna in his cockpit. At first, i tot it was a clip from the anime, BUT i realised its too 3D..... Clive built a COCKPIT and cosplayed setsuna in PILOT SUIT!!! you can see abit of it in the last photo. very cool. well done Clive. ^^

5th Team: Houshin Engi

Houshin Engi from Thailand - Their cosplay was the cutest! ^^ they made little ponies and 'wore' them on.. very cute!! sorry my photos wasn't very clear.. i think you'll see them again lata. they cut and reenacted some scenes from Houshin Engi i think? with some items thrown as each other to act as displaying 'magic powers'.. =)

6th Team: WitchBlade

A tank that shoots party poppers!! lolx


 Some fight scenes..

Ashley powered up with her LEDs blade!! nice effect.

Alodia is down.. but not for long..

Alodia power ups too! and ends the battle.

WitchBlade from Philippines, highly anticipated team due to... their costumes. XDD (im so gonna get it from tako T.T") yups.. i mus say that they put in a lot of efforts in their costumes.. with the LEDs installed and WELL-HIDDEN. it added very nice effects to their performance.. their make up and hair styles were very well done too. accurate to the anime -according to kaname san. The performance had a bit of storyline, with the first beaten then triumph hero ending.. =)

The end of the competiton!

Clearer pic of houshin engi! their cute pony and neko!!

These are photos of the finalists each receiving a special autographed certificate from Cosplayer Kaname-san.. they each got a hug too! XD

Hosts.. judges and special prize presenter in the middle, Shoko Nagakawa! ^^

00 Emotions won the Special Prize! but the prize is actually an expensive sewing machine. XD dun think he really needs them..

Aniki! Ichiro Mizuki getting ready to present the Grand Prize! Trip for 2 to Tokyo! ^^

The Grand Champion......

 00 Emotions!

 Now 00 Raiser can really fly to Tokyo.. XD

 All the participants on stage.. The End!

That's it!! this is ren's coverage of the AFA Regional Cosplay Competition.. i'm glad that the cosplay community are getting really active these years.. i see more and more pple cosplaying! hopefully we'll have a place like Harajuku in singapore where the cosplayers meet weekly to exchange their skills and improve... this will definitely benefit the community immensely. maybe at the garden jus outside Istana? XD mus be close to shopping and fashion district! well.. i hope you know abit more abt cosplay now.. tho i dun cosplay myself, but i do appreciate the effort and time dedicated to this unique passion. =) catch ya latas~

(^^)"   レンです!   じゃね!


  1. the jury choose the 00 because It should be heavy and hot put those cardboard ^^;

  2. the dedication they put into cosplay is crazy... they are crazy! crazy good, that is :P lol will tako cosplay witchblade? we need an answer! then she and chubbybots in cardboard RX78 cosplay can dance together ^_^b

    great pics and summary ren, 1st team sang? nice! Clive built a cockpit with setsuna?! woah i didnt know that, i thought it was from the anime too lol crazy i say!

  3. Naughty naughty ren, alodia's custome is erh...what should I ^^ very nice haha.

    The gundam 00 is crazy. What happen to his GN Drives? Maybe too heavy I guess. Nevertheless he will easily trump the other gundam cosplayer haha!

  4. >_< alodia would win If she still cosplaying mirai

  5. hmm, Ren, i read that! yes, the costumes (witchblade) are nice, pretty, and erm... yah. when it's something good, u know i will acknowledge it, dun have to worry for your life. hahah. the girls are pretty too. hahaha.

    @ moemoekyun: yes, gundam cosplay is really "fresh", pple (at least myself) won't have thought it was possible. even if it was possible, it wont be tat detailed. but wel this guy just blew it off.

    @ rockleelotus: have not tried my hands on cosplay before. i think i wanna place it on my "tako's crazy mission list".
    i think the closest i can get is enma ai (hellgirl). Ren said tat my current hairstyle looks like her.
    wait till i get my black floral kimono and red contacts.

    witchblade, erm.. i think i may not be able to do it as well as this team. hahaha..they too pretty & good alr. worried that if i cosplay, i will hurt ur eyes. HAHAHAA.

    @ chubbybots: yes, alodia's costume is really..... nice. i know. i understand. it's perfectly alright to appreciate beauty. hahha. because i do too. (Ren says i am more guy than him when it comes to this. always pointing out pretty girls on the street, see i am so nice to him, LOL)

    yes, gundam 00 will own cubecraft gundam player easily. LOL.

    Tako ('O')9

  6. Okay then I'll need to rephrase ^^ they are hot!! lol :D You are not the only one that does that, my gf always points out girls that look good and ask me what I like about em...I always tell her, she has nice legs and stuff but nothing beats yours haha :D

  7. @chubbybots: ^5 !!! lolx!! haha. they're all the same huh.. women. >.> hahaha! XD setting traps for us to jump into!! *digs grave*


  8. @ Ren we men must be aware of such traps...they will come from any angle , any time!!!