Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ガチャポン ガンタンク GET!!  Gachapon Guntank Get!!

Ren is trying to squeeze a post out before sleeping.. lolx. jus came back from my jap lesson.. super tired, zzz. but jus wanna post smthing that we got on sunday.. i have reports of my keropla poison spreading ard.. xD dun worry pple. its not keropla poison k!! heh. yups.. you can see from the title that me and tako got ourselves a Guntank figure!! wooo.. we dropped by toys'r'us at vivocity after our lunch, cos tako's younger cousins -little 'takos'- wanna look at some gunpla kits.. XD yes.. we're poisoning everybody ard us.. muahahaaha. ^^ thereafter.. we saw rows of gachapon machines at the entrance.. and saw a particular one with Gundam-related figures inside. i shld explain that tako is starting to like the original gundam series' mechs.. ^^ mechs like guntank and char's zaku II.. she finds MG guntank cute.. and a char's zaku to 'fight' with her RX-78-2 would be nice.. haha. you get wad i mean ya... so naturally we were elated to find a 'cheaper' alternative to model kits...gachapons! and its more value for money! its originally cost 300yen which roughly translate to $4.50sgd... but it only cost $4sgd for us! hee.. yeah we're cheapskates. =P

The Gachapon!

After emptying the contents... heh. 2 cannons, 2 arms, upper and lower body and a sign plate.. =)

Fully assembled! piuuu piuuu!

Side view.. i like the details..

Top half.. you can see its quite nicely painted.. =D

Bottom half.. details on the tracks.. wooo..

Sexy back view.. lolx. its actually elevated on a platform hidden beneath.

This is the signboard included.. its the name of the gachapon series.. with the name of the designer who designed these mobile armor and suits. 大河原邦男さん。

The banner included.. there's 4 types in total!! wanna get the Zaku II too! ^^

RX-75 ガンタンク

yeahh.. so this is jus a small post on our little loot.. =) man.. jus can't stop collecting these things... ^^. and it has spurred me to get the MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 2.0 with clear parts.. and MG Guntank for tako... she sounded quite excited when i explained all its gimmicks to her.. haha. hopefully her fondness for it dun die out.. yes.. she's still playing Love Plus.. BLATANTLY dating gals in front of me.. lolx!

Do you have any interesting gachapon items?? feel free to share with us! =D

alrites... tt's all for today.. gonna tuck in soon.. goodnite pple. =) 

(z.z)"  レンです!   じゃね!


  1. great detail on this little guy! not familiar with lots of mechs, i still need to watch the original series ^^;; i think gachapon items are cool but have yet to collect any. do you get a complete set of clear parts with the new MG set?

    haha Tako-chwan is very bold! ask her to introduce some of the gals to you ren lol ^_~

  2. greatest Gundam gachapon I ever seen can't compare with mine >_<

  3. can you tell me your relaionship with tako, REn I think you are "otaku" Lovers ???

  4. @ rockleelotus I read from Ngee Khiong the clear parts will be limited to Japan only...sobzz

    Ah used to buy those bleach gasaphons ^^ Really cool figurines! But this guntank looks so much better!

  5. @rockleelotus and chubbybots nope hlj also sell the
    (why I can't use html here??)

  6. @moemoekyun Woah cool! Thanks for the info :D

  7. @rockleelotus: hahaha. me and tako oso haven watch it.. ^^;; but she jus loved the designs.. its like how you would say.. a classic. yups. oh... nice gachapons are hard to hard too.. but slowly they're increasing.. i hope they move in REAL japanese UFO catchers with limited edition items.. like those in tokyoo ahh. Oh.. it doesnt come with a complete set of clear parts.. jus a runner for each kit.. 20 MGs were selected.. so each kit has different clear parts. but for RX-78-2 its the arm, waist, knees and ankle armor. and they cost the same as the original set.. so why not? lolx.. hmmm but im not sure whether they are limited to japan according to chubbybots.. cos i saw them at HLJ too.. soo ya. =)

    lolx! yes.. she's a bold one. no worries man.. she flaunts them in front of me.. described every one of their personality and traits. XD

    @moemoekyun: haha.. maybe you shld open them up!! lolx. you wun know until you opened them rite? err? my relationship with tako? XD well, you can say that.. but she refuse to be an otome. XD and she's not one so.. we're jus a normal couple. lolx.

    @chubbybots: nooooo.. is it true??? cos i saw it at hlj too...

    haha.. really? i saw some nice bleach gachapon too.. but i din wanna start collecting them.. cos it wun stoop!! lolx. well.. cos guntank is more ex too i guess.. =)


  8. Oh man, I don't collect gachapon figurines because of lack of details and weird face sculpting, but this Guntank is amazing. O_O The colours are pretty accurate, and the tracks. AAHH the tracks. *_*

    I was tempted to get either a MG RX-78-2 or Zeta with the upcoming clear parts campaign, but with chubbybots' news that it's Japan-only, I feel very sad. ;__; Trying to avoid using HLJ - I'm not exactly fond of paying for shipping. xDD Maybe I'll settle for the HD colour Zeta I saw at HAG the other day...

  9. @evanglisque: haha.. yes.. i see that you understand how tako feels. XD guntank is sexy. lolx!

    ohhh.. FRET NOT!!! i've found a singapore dealer providing preorder services of the clear campaign le. and the price is quite reasonable. this means that it's possible that they're selling it overseas!! wooo.. so maybe you can ask from HAG.. the link is

    heh.. im thinking of getting a RX-78-2 too... muaahahha.


  10. Oh Gunplasg, lets us know how you find the service ^^. Always looking out for another good source of good kits :D!

  11. Wow, even for something that small... Its very detailed. Mr. Beckham, there's a new kid in town and he's called: Guntank. So, bend it like Guntank (shots) *points to bent cannon barrels*

  12. Guntank..... A mobile suit design that i don't like. When i was watching the original series, when guntank came out, i was like, WTF is that @#$%ing thing? *shudders* LOLS. I guess everyone has their own perferences...

  13. Ooo... gashapon... I did thought of getting gashapons but always felt they are too small for my taste... Began buying more anime PVC Figures which is gonna make my gunpla looting even slower...

  14. @chubbybots: haha.. if i ever buy from them.. sure! will let you noe. i read from NK's cbox that someone alr bought from them and e service is not bad.. but i cant confirm whether its real or not. will wait awhile to see whether local dealers are bringing it in not.. =D

    @bd77: ya.. im quite surprised myself! lolx.. well the cannons are too long to be kept straight in the gachapon.. so it was VERY VERY BEND. haha. but i learnt from dengeki hobby that these kinda figures.. you can straighten them by submerging them in hot water awhile den use any tools etc to set them straight.. so i jus place them under a heavy jar. XD bend it like guntank!

    @Marzz: lolx.. i din realli like it at first either.. but the MG version did had an effect on me.. ^^. haha. the engineering in it are quite amazing.. i find. well.. i guess everyone does have their perferences.. =)

    @EXkurogane: haha.. good for you! this is our way of spending lesser. XD looking at how ex those PVC figures always makes me think twice before buying them.. unless its a character i really like.. cos usually i see characters i hardly recognize. lolx.. guess im more of a gunpla person. =)


  15. @ chubbybots: hmmm i do hope i know of places where there are good kits, it makes hunting for a specific model less painful.

    @ bd77 : Yes, the cannons are "more" bent than wat u see now. It totally look like it had feelers on. I was almost on the floor rolling in laughter.

    @ Marzz: Agree! everyone has their preferences.. (^O^)9 Guntank didn't really appeal to me like one month ago, and suddenly some electric current just shot thru and it clicked now.. HAHA. Spore has got a little flash floods recently, maybe i got hit without knowing. (sorry, crapping)

    @ EXkurogane: I thought that they are a little small too. but this just caught my eye while walking past. distracting! so no choice, just got to insert those coins and turn the knob. LOL.

    Tako ('O')9