Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From youtube.. Danny Choo, the Tokyo Dance Trooper... in SINGAPORE!!! ^^

Ren saw this video off danny choo's website....  and went to search for more.. haha. i really liked the background music.. 'singing in the rain' and part two beginning was plain hilarious!!  enjoy!!

danny's got a confession to make....  super funny. XDDDD

Part One

Part Two

kudos danny..! ^^

(^^)"    レンです!  じゃね!


  1. Nice stormtrooper everywhere ^__^
    is that orchad road ?

  2. Maybe I should do a serangoon trooper dance lol! Damn that confession is really funny! Perfect Singapore Slang!

  3. i missed out the one at raffles place, so near and yet so far!!!

    @ moemoekyun: yups, tat's orchard road. The place that stormtrooper danced at is ION Orchard newly opened this year. (doing a little advert for S'pore.. \('O')/ )

    @ chubbybots: GO FOR IT!! serangoon trooper woot hoot! me and Ren will be your supporters man.

    Yes, tat confession is sweet. "i have a confession to make.. all the pictures i taking in tokyo, all the photoshop one.." LOL. its super funny. have heard him at AFA09, speaking good english with a tint of british accent.

    tako ('O')9

  4. that confession is just way to funny, Danny really likes that song, he got me hooked on it too after he put it on his site XD

    @chubbybots: do it!! as trooper or make a RX78 cosplay. lol

  5. I know I'll do that cardboard RX78 lol!!!

  6. LOLX!! i'll look forward to that... i suspect its actually you chubbs. XD

    ren ^^

  7. Hell No!!! I'll at least carry a grenade launcher ^^