Sunday, March 21, 2010

Riding the wave.. UNICORN!! =D

yups! tt's right.. ren's taking this chance to start on his next build after he finished Exia. the next 2 years is gonna be slow moving for me in terms of gunpla.. due to army. Nendoroid provides me with an instant post maker.. lolx. they're ready-made out of the box. so hope tt you pple dun get tired of them so soon.. ^^" As for Unicorn Gundam, have not decided much on how to go abt doing it.. keeping the original colour has always been my style.. (or lack of one.) becos its plain white.. i guess i'll panel line it.. and of cos.. WATER DECALS! yes.. Katoki sensei has struck on me.. another victim. it'll be my first time applying wet-transfer decals.. hope everything goes well.. ^^. RX-0 Unicorn Gundam will be my first Gundam build when i'm in army.. i'll try to build it as fast as i can.. to gauge my work time. =) and i'll oso build another RX-78-2 for Rockleelotus Group build!! think its gonna be a 1/144 due to lack of time.. heh.

The kit, water-transfer decals and the head display!
Hope i dun screw of the water decals.. anyone has any suggestion as to how i can practice applying it first? ^^

This is the head display base for 1/144 Unicorn Gundam.. not sure wad to do yet, but i'll try to mod it to allow MG Unicorn to attach to it.. Ganbarimasu!

(^^)"    レンです!   じゃね!


  1. Oh you have the waterslide decals! Good for you. You should get a few sheets of those - can use on other kits to Katoki-fy them.

  2. I raise my hat for you for applying decal,sticker and water slide for this kit decal hell >.<
    not trying V gundam ver ka with 329 decals ??

  3. that MG unicorn s going to take a lot of time especially with all those water slides. they arent too hard, just time consuming.
    cut out, dip in water, use damp cotton swab to slide it off the paper and onto the kit. if the position is wrong you can always re adjust by adding water on it again. thats all i know, only did it a few times ^^

    i recommend getting the 1/144 for the group build also. its cool looking, well priced, less time needed to build lol well, you are going to be an even more veeeerryy busy man so good luck dude :P

    *coffee* work *coffee* army *coffee* gunpla *coffee* sleep... wait

  4. I got pissed off from the amount of decals on this kit (i applied them all -dry transfers!, and 95% success rate, only 2 decal i think i spoiled it out of all). The new MG Astrays were equally annoying with the decals amount, and i wonder how i can tolerate Sinanju -255 of them... =.=

  5. i use the dry decal too.. as it is ver.ka version.. expected and just accept it.. sinanju was the one that make me headache.. dry decal is faster but the risk on spoiling it also higher..

    my recommendation?.. use the dry decal 1st.. if it spoil.. then use the water slide decal to replace it..

  6. @playevolution: yep! heh.. i made sure that i had the waterslide decals first before i even consider buying the unicorn gundam.. lolx. cos i really hate stickies, esp those with clear borders. i'm kinda lazy to cut out the excess.. =/ haha. okays! will go hunt for more decal sheets.. thanks for the suggestion! =D

    @moemoekyun: haha.. thanks! i think i'm only gonna apply dry-transfer and water slide decals.. NO STICKIES for me!! haha. i honestly detest them. haha. FORTUNATELY for me, i dun really feel anything for V Gundam.. ^^. MAYBE V2 Gundam when its finalized. i PRAY that Katoki sensei doesn't take that model. lolx.

    @rockleelotus: yeah dude.. but i'll try my best to finish it asap. and hunt for a 1/144 RX-78. thanks for the tips!! really hope tat i dun screw it up. maybe some practice prior to the actual thing. haha.. i'll cope. i hope! >.< thanks man. that's the routine im going thru now exactly.. XD hmmm got a surprise coffee post for you rocklee.. heh. =P

    @EXkurogane: lolx. ya.. that isn't too bad.. you're doing fine! i had some accidents here and there for my dry decals too. haha. is it? man.. i'm eyeing the Red Astray alr.. i think most of them are stickies, so i wun be applying them; unless they come out with a waterslide too. T.T haha. when you have conquered Unicorn, you wun take it too hard on the Sinanju. i suppose. XD

    @seven6398: hey! welcome! =D oh i see.. haha. i was thinking the other way round. if i ever screwed a wet, i'll replace it with a dry. since there's more wet den a measly few dry transfer.. ha. okays! will take note of your suggestion.. thanks!! =D enjoy your stay here. haha.



  7. woah nice loot..
    Unicorn ver Ka is really a must get gunpla..
    waterslide decal is easier than the dry decal, well for me it's easier hahaha..