Thursday, March 4, 2010

セイバー ~~~~~ (Sabeeeer ~~~~~)

Test your memory, do you remember that Saber Lily is rushing off to somewhere..... If you have forgotten, you may read about it here.

Saber Lily : What is this feeling?
Saber Lily : It's another Servant about 2.4km away. I must check.  

 Saber Lily: It's here.

Saber Lily: Or here?

Saber Lily: This servant must be a new class, i can't see it. I can't sense her too.  

 Saber Lily: Fine, i am not able to see the new Servant.

New Servant: Don't be angry, Saber Lily. I am your new Servant, here, rest on my head. And can you stop posing with your sword, it will scratch my pink ring.

Saber Lily: New Servant, i need to go. I sense something else. Something beside Ren.

Ren giggling: My Yoko..


  1. Wow nice outdoor shots :D Love the one on the head haha!!! Scratch that ring!!

    OMg...we got the same nendo ren.....

  2. The background looks like the heart of cityhall parliment. :D

  3. i love the 3rd shot, dash Saber dash!!! no one is the master of Saber instead she has servant Tako-chan now :P and that is very nice of you to let her rest on your head and polish her sword on your ring LOL

    wahhh and a Yoko has appeared! O_O hurray Saber and free Yoko from the plastic that binds her!! XD

  4. It's not very easy to get hold of the older Nendoroids now right? Congratulations on the new member!

  5. wooh.. look who's there!!
    *quickly grab the nendo yoko and run..

  6. @chubbybots: hey thanks! jus a beginner in photography.. no fancy DSL, jus a handy digi cam.. heh. yes.. tt's tako's head. haha. she'll kill ME if its scratched. X.X

    YES OMG CHUBBYS.. you have no idea how many same nendos we have... kekek.. *hint hint* hopefully i have the time to release my loots.. muahahaha.

    @anonymous: haha.. yes it is! one day, me and tako jus loitered there and we decided to settle down and shoot.. XD total randomness. i guess the old victorian-styled suited saber alot.. thats why. and hey, thanks for dropping by! hope to see you ard! =)

    @rockleelotus: thanksss!! lolx. yes.. tako's watching the series during lunch now.. while i'm at camp. T.T so she knows more abt saber.. haha. yups! yoko! well.. seems like chubbybots got to intro her alr.. lolx! so i'll jus let her intro come lata.. =P *meanwhile saber's slashing the plastic away...*

    @playevolution: yeah.. older nendoroids are quite hard to find now.. XD i was lucky to find her hidden in some shop.. you collecting nendos now too? =) thanks! according to tako, yoko is currently my first nendo! lolx. and the rest belongs to her.. *which is true in a way* so she wun treat yoko like her own. poor yoko. XD

    ren. ^.^"

  7. @MaftyNavue: haha.. oh no you don't. saber will hunt you down.. EXCALIBUR!!!!! *beams to infinity...* heh.. thanks for dropping by!! =D i've seen your loot! nice loot! and waiting to see your Exia build! =)


  8. hmm seems that GSC doing reissue for yoko

  9. @rockleelotus: It's a long story, Ren is Saber's master. Ren is one who summoned Saber. He gave Saber to me, but Saber too powerful alr, so doesn't recognise my ability, so i became her Servant. poor Tako. HAHAH. have got to sacrifice my rings in the future for Saber to polish her sword. Where's Ren? Why didn't he help me??? Lolx.

    @moemoekyun: is it??? re-issue. so more yokos ard!..

    tako ('O')9

  10. @ren: luckily I bring some saber lion costume and a "meat" ehehe..
    I will take her aslo..

    thanks, it's already done, but still no decal and haven't got time to take a photo about it ehehe.. maybe when I get an extra time tomorrow ^^;

  11. LOL, Saber was supposed to be your servant, but you became the servant instead, tako! So what powers do you have? Hehe....

  12. @MaftyNavue: lolx! i would really love to see you in Saber lion's costume. haha.. if you wear it to steal my yoko, i'll gladly surrender it to you.. haha.

    oh i see! cools... im such a slow builder.. everyone is so fast!! hope to see it soon! =)

    @Marzz: haha.. im not sure abt tako's power.. but i believe she has command spells over me. LOLX! so its a vicious cycle. Tako > Ren > Lily > Tako etc...

    ren. =)