Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yoko-chan to the rescue!!

People!! I am rather stressed at work today. It's tons of important stuff that i need to attend to and papers are being stacked up mercilessly on my desk.

As i cry out for help!!!!

Yoko: I am here to help!

(in the face of a massive enemy.. STACKS OF PAPER!!)

(Yoko's taking an aim.)

(People, i know that Yoko's holding on to a rifle. Paper shouldn't go up in flames.. let your imagine work a little k..)
Tako: Yay!! No need to work anymore!! Let's evacuate, people. Time to knock off!!
Thanks, Yoko! Let's go!!
Yoko: Tako, let's go!!

This is a post that my office must never get to know. So please people, keep it a tight secret. SHHHHHHHHhhh.

Tako ('O')vv


  1. Lol secret post!! Nice!!

    How I wish I can do that to my own stack lol!!! Nothing beats having a cute fiery Yoko burning down your work for you :D Kawaii!!

  2. hahahahha burn them left evidence should think another way =P

  3. burn baby burn!!! Yoko the fiery red head can cause fires lol shhhhhh way to get the job done :P

  4. chubbybots: i was really so tired from the stack of stuff, till i wished i can burn it down. So Yoko helped me with it!! Trust me, after making the post, i felt better. self-deceit. HAHAH.

    moemoekyun: yes, ashes are evidence, but well.. i can't think of another way with my limited resources. hahaha.

    rockleelotus: Yes, burn it all!!!!!! hahaha.

    Tako \\('O')//

  5. LOL, flamethrower wielding yoko. Imagine if your company finds out about this..... Hehehehe.....

  6. uuuu... this is some rebellion at work... ehehe...

    hm.. should do the same thing next then ehehe..

  7. @ Marzz: If my company finds out.. hmmm. i know, Gojira-san will come to my rescue!!!!

    @ MaftyNavue: yes some minor rebellion.. may want to stage a bigger scale one, ONE DAY!

  8. Yoko... =.= The PVC version is expensive as hell...

  9. Ouu... Yoko burns a pile of paperwork... Quite helpful. XD

    Wanted to get her, but... I already have the Fraulein version. =D