Friday, March 19, 2010

what actually happened last week... Part 2!!! *.*

hey pple.. yes.. its me Ren again.. this time i'll not be such a spoilsport.. lolx. i promise this will be a short post! XD jus wanna show you guys wad we really got that week in Feb.. ^^ i couldn't come up any ideas for this shoot.. so a braindead ren jus points and shoot at part of my Feb loots.. =)

introducing... Black Rock Shooter, RIN KOKONOE and DROSSEL!!!

Luka is still hugging a box.. XD

Saber is ever ready to open a box. ^^

Yes, after hunting high and low.. i've managed to find a Rin Kokonoe for Tako.. lolx. Recently she's watching Kodomo no Jikan, and it has poisoned her profusely. XD

muahahahah.. Drossel was more like for me.. heh. found her during a sale.. as i was on an online shopping spree ANYWAY, i figured, wth.. 'Click'. lolx!

And that's the end of my super short loot post! muahahhaha.. hope you get to see them in action soon.. muahahhaha.. there's still a few more loots in February..............

(^^)"    レンです!    じゃね!


  1. BRS actually has a larger box than i thought... Parts separated and the box looks like box of a revoltech action figure, or something like that...

    Kodomo no Jikan... I liked Nendo Kagami Kuro... Will you get one?

  2. More Nendo in your collection. Seems like you are heavily affect by the Nendo poison *giggles*

  3. woah nendos attack no more gunpla post end like chubby's blog now @_@ hahahaha

  4. @EXkurogane: lolx. not alot of extra parts tho.. heh. ya. the box is huge. >.< oh.. heh.. i'll leave that to another post.. haha. =P

    @B-Mecha: yes... it's very poisoning dude.. smthing like your revoltech and SDX. XDDD we're all on the same boat... haha.

    @moemoekyun: LOL!! sorry moemoekyun.. i guess you're looking forward to more gunpla post rite.. haha. sorry! cos i dun really have the time to do any now! yes im depressed. the feeling of not able to do gunpla like before. it kinda sucks. i hope i can do some during my free time at work. XD

  5. dont stop hugging that box Lukaaa~ so cute!

    omg ren your nendo family has explodeded! super poisons and what? theres still more february loots? lol amazng.

  6. NANI~! One more added into the nendrossel army list...



    ...ugu... so many nendos... X_x