Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yoko's escapade

Dear All,

Saber Lily has dashed off after detecting some aura here.

Only to find Yako is in need of some serious help.

This was what happened earlier..
Yoko: Anybody out there?!!!
Luka: Oh dear, there's a box, i need to hug it. Ermm, it reads Yo--ko. Oh Yoko-chan! Our new friend. Oh dear, you are trapped! Let me help you!

Luka: Loooook at my muscles *wobbling*, i will heeelp you, Yoko-chan~~~.

 (picture speaks for itself)

 Yoko: Hey??? Why am i side-ways? HEYYY!
Miyuki: Oh dear, what happpend??
Yako: Luka, how many times must i tell you? You are a vocoloid who sings, when it comes to manual tasks involving muscles, ask for help.. See Yoko-chan is side-ways now..
Luka: *sobbing* i wanntt to heeelp..

Yako: Yosh, don't cry, i know you want to help.. We will get help ok??
Miyuki: Luka, don't cry, please.
Luka: Thank you, all of you are so sweet. i wanted to help..
Yoko: HEYYY!! Is there anyone out there! Why am i side-ways??!!

*bling* Saber Lily has appeared whilst the nice little kids are consoling Luka
Saber Lily: I sensed an aura back home and rushed here.
Yoko: Is there someone out there??!!

Saber Lily: Yako-chan, what happened? I sensed something
Yako: Saber Lily, please help our new friend Yoko-chan. She's side-ways now and trapped in the box. Oh, you are standing on top of THE box. 

Saber Lily: *humming to a tune* This is easy job. Just make a slit!
Yoko: Heyyy??!!
Tako : Saber Lily! Wrong side. Open from the bottom of the box!!!! Maaa-ster- Ren..

Saber Lily : Bottom of box. Tako, you are my servant, mind your tone.
Tako: I am sorry, am under strict orders from your master, Master Saber, Master-Master Ren said all boxes must open from the bottom.
Ren : Good job, Tako. Yes, Saber Lily, remember it's "bottom" of box.

Saber Lily: Ren, it's done.

Yoko: Errm, thanks, Saber Lily..
Saber Lily: It's nothing.

Introducing *drum rolls* YOKO!
Tako Yako Yoko is our new get after Saber. (We are introducing our nendos in chronological order of time). So we were walking around on a regular hot afternoon, shopping around. Then we accidentally bumped into Yoko. She's there MISB lying on a shelf, as if, screaming out to us aloud "Bring me home, Ren!!". Ren gave me a look, pssssst to me, saying "wah, yoko eh." I need not explain further. We brought her home.
Yoko's a nice nendo-get. First, the serious look with the cool yellow glasses, it just bring whaoh factor. Yoko is presently guarding Ren's computer. snipping at any enemies who may come close. Second, the red flaming hair with movable ponytail, so posable! and is capable of giving a different texture to the feel of the nendo. Posing with a flying ponytail, as if she's gliding sideways as she snipes. Third, the rifle, bang bang. just plain fun.

This red-haired girl is totally capturing Ren's attention. Ren eagerly placed Yoko near this monitor right after Saber slashed open the box. Previously Saber has some foothold on the comp table too, sooooo NOW Saber and Yoko can fight for Ren's attention.

Tako ('O')v


  1. box goes one way and luka goes the other lol XD you made Luka soooo moe :3 but trusty saber lily always gets the job done, love the "Master Saber, Master-Master Ren" such rank!

    they need to work together for the perfect combo of range and melee intruder defense! ^^

  2. @rockleelotus: When i was trying to juggle between the box, the camera and Luka(who kept falling backwards as i was posing her) this was really wat i got. Box falling one way and Luka falling the other. HAHA. i did this scene like more than 10x.

    Heee, i just love the way how saber just suits the theme of getting things done.. (^o^)/ hahaha.

    Yes, i am the weakest, have 2 masters!!

    Tako ('O')9

  3. Oh, so you got this other than the major loot the other day?

  4. @marzz: lol.. NO!! this was BEFORE we got our MAJOR loot.. lolx.. XD


  5. Saw Yoko before but didn't bring her home. Should I do it next time I see her? I already have too much pre-orders though...

  6. @ flawlessexa: hello!! just bring Yoko-chan home *poison* she's so adorable especially with the rifle.. wel i can understand the feeling of wallet bleeding like crazy from all the po-s.
    wish money rain from the sky!!

    tako ('O')9