Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Singapore! and some love this blog has been lacking... Unicorn preview!

Hi pple! First of all.. Happy 45th Birthday Singapore! yups.. Ren is back on this public holiday to make a short post.. as tako has mentioned before, most of my time is spent in camp.. out of camp.. with tako.. and doing gunpla when im free.. leaving blogging very little time... so sorry abt tt.. i'll still take photos.. and ask tako for help.. heh. she'll be more of the active blogger here.

Of cos, i'll try my best to post more Gundams' related stuffs.. seeing most of tako's post is abt figures.. lolx.. which we are both quite proud of.. our collections so far.. haha. still very young collectors 8 months on.. So today.. i've jus managed to finish the last few parts of Project Unicorn. Took some photos in the late afternoon.. while watching National Day Parade. XD

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Head Display Stand. From January's Dengeki mag.. other den white and clear pieces, all the details are painted.. phew. oh! look who's behind?

Unicorn Gundam standing tall.. 

Tada.. Ren's MG Unicorn Gundam completed.. =D

Close up on the head display.. love the details.. but i've not put up the decal stickers yet.. doing it next few days if im free....

Alrites.. this just a few photos of the preview for Project Unicorn.. the light conditions weren't too good, especially when the windows behind the subject.. actually MG unicorn gundam was completed 2-3 weeks back.. but i was too busy. so decided to post the head display and gundam together today.. since im free. sorry abt the LONG LONG LONG drought of gundam posts.. tako keeps poking me, asking me when's the next gundam post. 'everybody's waiting!!!' lolx. so here's a little post to stop abit of the gundam craving.. 
For the head's display.. i've yet to apply the decals seals... and some topcoat to seal the deal.. hopefully i'll be able to soon.. thanks for viewing! =D 

watching NDP 2010 now.. this year's show is really smthing. i feel brain-washed by all the propaganda. XD I LOVE SINGAPORE!!!! lolx.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!!!! i really miss the old singaporean ways.... 

(^^)"   レンです!    じゃね!


  1. REN!! FINALLY!! your UNICORN post!
    though i have been seeing unicorn standing on your table. still want to tell you that it looks great!!

    Tako \\('O')//

  2. The Unicorn looks great! As for the NDP... I didn't watch it as my dad took us out to view the fireworks.

  3. Wow Nice work on the markings. though i tried my best i still screwed up a few dry decals on it...

  4. awesome! nice job ren, looking forward to more shots and to see him in destroy mode :D

    how did you enjoy all the decaling? lol

  5. @Marzz: thanks! i love my Unicorn too.. heh. oh.. that's sweet! =)

    @EXkurogane: heh.. this is my first time doing wet transfer decals too.. well i did screw up a few of the decals.. but its not too obvious. phew!

    @rockleelotus: hey dude!! ha.. thanks alot.. yups.. i'm sooooo slow in posting my gundam's stuffs.. really tired man. ha. as for the decaling.. i sprinted past the legs.. den i got really slow. haha.. there's like 3295692385723 decals on it!!! omg. but im so glad its over now.. heh. now i really do prefer wet transfer over dry ones... LVL UP! =D