Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ren's a Hunter. Black Rock Shooter – Revealed

So Black Rock Shooter's reissue is out! Having heard the news, my itchy fingers tentacles decided that they should type out my feelings for BRS.

When I first saw the pictures of Black Rock Shooter (BRS) figure – canon version, I am mesmerized by the look. The overall feel. This slim young lady with body covered with scars who has a gloom look on her face. This look is something that screams out loud to me.

Her eyes seem to be telling you me a story. I JUST LOVE HER BLUE EYES. Her hand stretched back holding on to the canon.

(I like her hair! oops Tako's too much a fan-girl over here.)

(Details of the hand gripping the canon and the chains surrounding it.)

This canon is really well-made and Tako is so tempted to "pluck" it out and place it on Ren's RX-78's hands. 

The base – black and white and shaken up, it gives the overall feel that she has just landed on the floor and the tiles/floor broke. Her face, to me, is not girly-cute-pretty look, it gives me the very boyish-cool look. So it struck me that if BRS is so unique, how can i not own it?

(Personally, Tako just like this photo lots!)

How did I manage to secure BRS in February? which is before the re-issue and long after the first release?
The answer to it – Ren’s hunt for it.
Ren hunted for Kokonoe Rin, Ren hunted for BRS, Ren hunted for Blue Tachikoma. It dawned on me that Ren seems to be hunting for things all the time. Ren’s a hunter!
Ren is always able to get the things he wanted no matter how hard it is. This is his fighting spirit! Onz!!

Just when I thought that we will be contented with the canon version, well. *ding dong* there's a new package flown in AND we have a blade version now too! LOL.

Blade version is slightly different, a little more "bare" than canon, because BRS is not wearing her coat instead she's holding it in her hand. Of course, with a blade now, it gives a sleek feel.

With the anime version coming up, what should i do?
I guess, both Ren and I will still stick to the original version.

BRS Nendoroid is a definate get in our books.

Dead Master? - Get!

Oh man! Am really looking forward to displaying all of them together.

p/s: photos are taken late last night, seemed like quality suffering a little. But am not giving Ren any excuses to buy a new camera at this point in time. LOL. I know i am bad. Sorrya.

Tako ('O')v


  1. I've also found one in my hunting spree, but yet to secure enough cash for it... =.= Anyway i preodered the anime version but i just got greedy -feels that i need both... >.<

  2. Buah moar BRS poison!! I already PO the BRS bloody delays argh...

    But at least I get to look at the figure version first hehe!

  3. @Exkurogane: I am really contemplating about the anime version. Noooooo.. NO MONEY!

    @chubbybots: poison!!!!! there's BRS & Dead Master petite too.. NO MONEY!!

    tako ('O')9

  4. zomg you got both BRS ver, not to mention the pre orders for the little ones too XD she is a beauty, i really wish i could get the cannon and anime ver myself but no $$$ T_T

    Lol i would really like to see RX78 with her cannon :D ...truly BRS franchise is heavy poison!! *looks at his BRS nendo preorders*