Friday, July 9, 2010

Should i change my name?

People!! SHOULD i change my name?
Can i not be called Tako anymore??!


If you guys had heard about my fellow friend called Paul who resides in Germany, he's the reason.

This world cup has changed my life. With referees changing the destiny(s) of countries to having 'Octopus Oracle'!!!

(Paul the Octopus)

My fellow friend, Paul, has been living in west germany and of course, he had been asked to predict Germany's matches. Though he is spot-on for all the matches, i am upset. We are fellow takos, but i like Germany!!

Paul! What should i do???

TAKO's love = JAPAN
TAKO's adoration = GERMANY

Remembering that Tako is an absolutely emotional fan, you guys can imagine what i have said regarding Paul during the match. I have told myself and family that i will be ordering tako sushi, eat tons of takoyaki to express my 'wrath'.

(@ Tsukiji Market)

BUUUUT, i am TAKO??!

Am i supposed to change my name to NEKO? Ren N Neko?? rennneko? wat a mouthful, sounds like we are stammering.

Paul! i wish you all the best! I do not want you to end up being fried, barbequed or turned into a seafood salad or paella, neither do i want you to be thrown into the shark tank. You are still my fellow TAKOOOOoooo!


sigh.. Tako.


I need to make a trip to Tsukiji Market soon!

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  1. Changing your name isn't a big problem, But i don't think you can change your blog's address into "rennpaulblogspotcom" if you change your name LOL... xD

    I didnt watch World cup much except the semis, cuz' i am a tennis fan and was watching Wimbledon for 2 weeks. I cursed Argentina and Brazil right before their semis' match and they actually got thrashed. XD Because i want some unexpected team to reach the final. A final between 2 unexpected teams is fun to watch.