Sunday, September 19, 2010

ガンダム 00 ーAwakening of the Trailblazerー Watched!!! =D

Ren & Tako jus watched THE movie!!! Wooo!!! 私達はイノベーターにな
れた!!〜 the movie.. I wouldn't reveal anything, but I'll
encourage you to watch it and draw ur own conclusion, especially if
you've watch the whole series. Definitely a mixed of emotions in the

This is our loot from the movie!! An official poster.. to commemorate
this event. ^^ quick go catch the movie now! Tickets are sold at
sistics.. :)

Ren & Tako.


  1. I dont really know when I'll be able to watch it... =.= I heard it's about fighting aliens, what the hell... >.<

  2. @EXkurogane: i hope some kind soul would upload it online for you! ^^ haha.. yups.. its somewhere along tt line. well, i would say its not tt bad a deal since setsuna is turning into a innovator and able to atomise and turn into a huge antenna tt can read thots.... >.> hahaha.