Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There is a whole lot of reasons why I seem to be down in spirits.. Now it had spread from workplace to some butter-finger issues that i recalled.. I called it - The SWORD Snapping!


Can you spot something different in my Saber Lily Nendo below??

Sigh.. Nope nothing wrong with her. Just that... Her sword snapped!! And Tako is the one who snapped it! Using my tentacles, i snapped it!

My heart sank. It sank all the way to 6 feet under.

I was upset. Sorry Saber Lily, I snapped the sword.

I had made a little confession here.

Saber Lily was holding on her sword and Tako meaning well, wanted Saber Lily to rest, so i wanted to remove the sword. It was a lil' difficult to remove it, so my tentacles wrapped around the sword and gave a pull, out came the sword, with the hilt still in Saber Lily's hands!! I almost pulled my hair out of my own scalp!

Ren's nice, he didn't blame me at all, he just cool-ly told me to pass Saber Lily to him and he will get it fixed. In the end, i found out that he bought a new one for me! awww~ so sweet. But i feel even worse. I am the one who spoilt it but Ren is the one solving it.

The nicest of all is that he actually got the sword repaired. He used his gunpla skills, to remove the hilt from Saber Lily's hand, stick it back to the sword and with the work of his paintbrush, he got it all done. Best of it all was, i thought it was a sword from the New Saber Lily. Only when i scrutinise it then i realised that it was the same sword that i broke. awwwww~ thanks Ren!

(Repaired.. I am impressed with the amount of effort in sticking back and hand painting the damaged parts!!)

So now we have a Saber Lily who went through war, got her sword broken and repaired. And a Saber Lily who's still sleeping in MISB box. LOL. 

 (Tako: Sorry! Master Saber Lily, i broke your sword.. don't look so angry.. pleasssse..
Saber Lily: I sense another servant around.. Tako servant, i will forgive you for noww.. no more breaking of swords.. or i will get Master Ren to punish you.)

As I was apologising to my Master, Saber Lily, I found another Saber Lily staring at me at a distance away. In a stance that's lovely. 

She is in silver/white amour with her sword drawn. The look on her face is serious. I like this serious look. She's serious about defeating her enemies. But her look is quite soft on the other hand. Am i reading too much into one expression, maybe? But i guess this is what ART is all about, it brings different meaning to different people who is looking at the same thing.

AND i like her dress. Ooops. girl's thing. 

This big Saber Lily comes with 2 swords too! 

Will Tako dare to touch the swords again? NO! i won't dare to touch it. It's rated as "RG" which reads as Ren's guidance advised. So I will only want to remove the sword under strict supervision by Ren. I won't want to snap another sword again.

Traumatised over sword snapping? Yes, i am. 

I won't want this Saber Lily coming after me if i ever snapped some swords. She looks really serious.

How to know that I am still affected by sword snapping events?? Well, from our new loot!

Saber -Triumphant Excalibur. The moment I touched the box, I told Ren, I have got more than enough swords to break now, ha ha. (-o-"')

(Saber, Saber Lily, Saber, Saber Lily.. wait.. what saber, what lily? getting a little confused.. have been quite incoherent recently.)

But in reality, will I touch the swords? NO! NEVER! I will definately break out in cold sweat.
As long as it is sword, I will keep my tentacles away. I have not touched BRS's sword too.

Here's our new lady, Saber! Nice white teeth!
So we have got Saber Lily in serious smile, and Saber in a serious war cry!

Her armour is so magnificient. In Saber Lily, she look "softer" more pretty factor. In Saber, she look "strong" more cool factor. Which charm works on you better??

Swords! Oh my! How many swords do I have now? 1? 2? err.. 6!


(oooo, same sword but different size. Top: Saber; Bottom: Saber Lily)

This is a whole lot of Saber-sss-lily---ies.. around. Getting myself pretty confused. So have any one PO Saber Nendo? Want to make a guess if Ren & I had placed our PO for it??


(my saber and saber lilies..)

ohhh and i am trying my tentacles on Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Codes on Ren's PSP. Errrrmmm.. how did i fare? Ask Ren.

Have i ended my post?? Not really, my favourite little friend is here for some cameo!! 

(Rin: What are you doing?) 

(Rin: What are you doing?)

(Rin: What are you doing?)
pssst: This pic is the wallpaper of "Tako's Phone" now..

What am i doing?
Tako \\("o")//


  1. Oh.. u got Saber Excalibur too. XD nice

    and I want that Saber Lily PVC *o*

    bad Tako breaking saber sword :P

    what Rin doing there nyahaha!!

    Saber Overkill indeed XD

  2. oh no, sabers!! You guys are the strongest masters, holy grail is yours :D

  3. ouch! i noe how it hurts when a figure's part breaks. broke an arm of my robot damashi when my clumsy hands slipped. nice 1/7 sabers takO! planning to get the Saber Alter Vortigern to complete ur collection?

  4. Oh many sabers lol!!! Just can't get enough of her!!

    Haha glad Ren's gunpla skill saved the day!

  5. @marzz: Yes, Saber OVERDOSE!

    @tsukimari: OVERDOSE OVERDOSE!!! Thanks, really like the pose and her sword. Saber Lily is pretty too, isn't she.. Oh, yes, I am a Bad BAD Tako. ehhh, what is Rin doing?? Trying to get more cameo appearances.. muwahahahaaa.

    @heathorn: Yes, strongest master, and also the poorest. burnt a hole man..

    @sl619: OUCH! an arm.. poor u.. Yes, totally hair pulling experience!! and Yups, Saber Alter is on Ren's list & proposal . He's trying his best to put up his proposal for approval. MUWAHHAA. But well, will he be successful?? stay tuned. hahaha.

    @chubbybots: Yes, when i start unboxing all of them, i am like. WAH SEH, like a little too much of sabers around on the table. HAHA.
    REALLY glad, Ren's skills really saved the day. But well, the sword got restored. BUT, Saber Lily nendo can no longer hold that sword anymore.. (T.T)

    Tako ('O')x

  6. i lov the sword n the sword effects

  7. @gunpla: swordssss! and swordsss and more swords!!

    tako ('O')9

  8. had to super glue it in 1 position now. >.< oh well.. XD. fully support ren's proposal as i will get 1 myself. haha

  9. @sl619: haha.. Ya I think u may have to decide on ur favourite pose and fix it in glue. Oh whoah Ren has one supporter alr.. I guess I will have to support. But I saw the pic before.. Saber Alter really looks not bad to add to collection..

  10. well tako, its sure looks badass! unlike the pretty and elegant Saber and Saber Lily. haha!

  11. OMG so many beautiful Sabers!!

    dont worry Tako accident happen, nendos are meant to be played with even tho their accessories can be very fragile lol like my Nagi's magic wand, it literally didnt fit her hand and i almost broke it just to make her hold it. now the pain is a little damaged XD

    you have the very talented ren as your personal repair department in case any more "uh ohs" happen in the future :P

  12. @sl619: the figure really looks badass.. Woot hoot!! Buy buy buy!

    @rockleelotus: yes all the pretty girls at ren's house.. Tsk Tsk..
    Thanks for ur encouragement but still need to ivercome THE FEAR!! Haha. If accidents happen again, will send it to Ren's Repair Shop!

    Tako ('O')9 @ the airport!

  13. Shit happens sometimes... we have to deal with it... LOL

  14. wow, a gunpla skill is always useful after all :D

  15. Ouch. Something scared the holy hell out of me also happened. My Black Rock Shooter's brick base fell after i didnt notice it was covered by my shirt on my study table (was doing photoshooting to prepare for reviews). Lucky BRS never followed the base being floored because i diassembled it.

    And? The base broke in two!!! Only to find out the base is made of 3 separate parts and one of the pegs dislocated, so basically i onl need to plug the part back in place and add some glue... @_@;

  16. @kurogane: u have my sympathies. @.@ really lucky that ur BRS didnt fall as well or else.. nothing can describe that feeling. haha

  17. @DJS: yes... Have to face it!!

    @h4msterworld: yes.. Gunpla skills are really useful.. Ren helps me in fixing some of my accessories too.

    @EXkurogane: oh my!!!!!!!!!! Ouch! Tat hurts! Just like wat sl619 said, really really really lucky tat BRS didnt join in the free fall! Good tat the base can be glued back...

    Tako ('o')9 back in Singapore!