Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tako is Home Alone.

Had been sick for a week. Medicine is not really working well and the "weak" feeling is lousy.

Took time off from work and is home alone now. 

Well, I am glad that Saber Lion is by my side now. 

Saber Lion: Tako, you are not feeling well.. is there anything i can help?
Tako: My dear little Saber Lion, I am quite ok, just need a rest k.. Oh do you want a drink??
  Saber Lion: But Tako, this is..... not..
Tako: Sorry, poking fun of you again.. sorry Saber Lion.... 

People!! I am bullying Saber Lion again! Haha. I am sorry. As i am really bored in front of my computer, and trying to play around with my new digital camera, then i found that i like this effect a lot. I love taking black and white photos. So decided to bring Saber Lion out.
Digital Camera + Saber Lion + a bottle of milk tea + drowsy Tako 
some silly post on Ren & Tako's blog
HAHAHA. I guess, Ren will give the (-.-"') look when he sees this one. 

and i guess some of you will have this same (=.="') look too as you scroll down this blog.
This is Tako's RANDOMNESS!
What do you all normally do when you are sick? and trapped at home?
I am happy to have this blog and I can blog about anything everything! 

Tako (x.X)9


  1. Get well, soon. Plenty of rest and warm water will do you good.

    Saber Lion... awwwww

  2. @bd77: Thanks, am back at work. will rest my throat and drink lotsa water.

    i promise, not to bully saber lion for the next... err.. one week..

    tako ('O')v

  3. @marzz: Thanks! Will want to catch up on rest over the weekend..

    tako ('O').

  4. @Aya: thank you.. thank you..

    Tako ('o')9

  5. (=.="')... haha JK

    hey hey you're not alone! I'm sick and "weak" right now as well! and on top of that, my meds aren't working for me neither haha :D. Nothing to really be cheerful about but you're not suffering alone xD

    Get well sooN!

  6. @Z: oh dear, u take care too! Get well soon! Lousy medicine!! Throw them all. Lol. So at least we are not alone! Let's fight the bug!

    Tako ('o')//

  7. Get well soon.
    I know being sick at home is not a good experience. I used to sleep almost all the time when I got sick

  8. @divinelight: thank you! Am still having bad time with blocked nose. I guess at this time, your method of sleeping through will be nice..

    Tako ('o')9

  9. its like everyone's getting sick nowadays.. @@
    get well soon u guys~ ^^

  10. @sl619: thank you.. I am feeling slightly better.. But somehow the flu bug just refuse to release it's claws on me..

    Tako ('o')9

  11. get well soon!
    weather is no good these past few days, and we can see haze everyday

  12. @heathorn: thanks. Am getting better.. But the recent hit of haze is making sinus getting really bad. All the wrong timing. Lol..

    Drink more water people!!

    Tako (x.x)..