Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting some boxes for nendoroids.. ^^;

Ren here.. Tako and I are now at tampines giant shopping for some
boxes to keep our numerous nendos' faces! Thanks to chubbybots who
told us where to get it. I couldn't find these boxes at other giants.
So we swept the stocks clean. ^^ It's kinda crazy for us to travel
this far but since we have quite an amt of nendos, this seems pretty
normal. Its also a feat for tako. Cos she is allergic to long distance
travelling. XD she gets edgy when shes tired. Somehow i survived. ^^

how do you keep ur nendos' faces? Or all the extra parts and
accessories? Do share with us! :)

Ren n Tako!


  1. Edgy is an understatement. I'll get... hmm fiery..but I survived the trip too. Lol. Headache didn't act up on me.

    Tako ('o')9

  2. I just use those foods and ice cream contena to store my toys accessories... poor me....

  3. @David John Shewsbury: That's nice too, recycling! Save the earth!

    Tako ('O')9

  4. cool! haha good idea to bulk up because those cute nendos will keep flooding in XD poor Tako, what a trooper! that shows dedication to the nendos ^_^

    i have a few plastic containers too, they dont have the sections inside and i keep most of my nendos and faces in there right now. plus i use an extra altoid mint tin to put the little extra parts.