Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tako's phone!

Everyone! Please meet "Tako's phone". Dozou yorushiku oneigaishimasu!

I took a MEGA step and jumped into the wagon of getting iphone 4. Am not really a Tech savvy person, i took some time to get used to blogging actually. I am generally lazy, as all of you know, so Tech-ky stuff seems to kill off a lot of my brain cells, so i tend to swerve away from tech-ky stuff.

Name: Tako's phone
Age: 8 days old

Next moment, I start to fuss about the wallpaper, the ringtones, and LOTS more.

So i guess, i will be snapping lots of photos JUST to find that one wallpaper for "Tako's phone".

When you think that this post is about Tako's Phone, well, here's the digress...

Tako: hello-ya Saber Lion, can you pose beside Tako's Phone, so that i can take a nice picture for our blog? I will give you your favourite drink later k. *trying to bribe Saber Lion*
Saber Lion: ....

Tako: *smiling* Nah, here's your drink!!
Saber Lion: HUH?!

Saber Lion: @#$%^&*
*Tako grinning at the background*

*change tactics.. using soft approach*
Saber Lion: my drinnnk? tako, coffeeeee..
*awww~ sorry saber lion..

Tako: here you go! here's your FAVOURITEEE!

Saber Lion: yay.........

Saber Lion: yosh yosh..
Tako: er, Saber Lion, what you doing?? you need help?

Saber Lion: yosh yosh yosh..

Saber Lion: I am closeeeer.. 

 Saber Lion: Just a lil' moreeeee..

Saber Lion: wheeeee!
*Tako grabs Saber Lion by tail*
Tako: Oh no no you are not going to do that!

Tako's mom in the background: what are you doing with the mug?
*takes the mug away from Tako & Saber Lion* Bye, mug..

Saber Lion: Nooooooo, my coffeeee... *sobs*

-The End-

Tako ('O')9


  1. The moeness.. is overwhelming...

    ps. Iphone 4, make sure you're "holding it right". XD

  2. arGH!!!Saber Lion always never fails to excite me!!! Ah rockleelotus coffee effect haha!!

    I am never a fan of I phone though lol..I prefer a simple phone without a camera!

  3. @bd77: Hahaha. yes, i will be careful in holding the phone properly.

    @chubbybots: Yups just love Saber Lion and it's the rockleelotus coffee effect! I wanted a simple phone too, but well i need something to keep me linked to the web.. so decided to move on to a iphone. LOL.

    Tako ('O')9

  4. hehehe more like Saber Lions phone.

    love the cute bribing, another coffee lovin Lion! she almost was able to dive into a powerful "fountain of youth" Lol dont worry saber lion youll get another round soon enough :P she is so much fun to play around with!

  5. wow Iphone... i cant afford this luxury thing

  6. @rockleelotus: muaaha. yes. i think its her phone too. tako told me that she dropped it into the cup.. which inspired tt particular photo. XD heh.. tako has abducted her from me and having lotsa fun at her house now. T.T

    @DJS: ha.. it took tako a few months to save up for this phone too! well.. at least it wasn't as expensive when i first bought my iphone 3G. @^*&&^@# APPLE!