Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lunch Time Post ~~~

Hello Everyone! Lunch Time Post is back today with Saber Lion!!

Recently, had been really "upset" with work. Nope, I have not done anything wrong at work or anything, it's just a feeling of "upset-ness". There are times when I told Ren that I don't feel like going for work. So I have got Saber Lion to accompany me to work. Yesterday, she was around to root me on, but was too busy with work to share with all of you how sweet she was.

Now, it's time to show our bonding.

This is how my working station look like. Piles of paper. Wished it will ignite by itself..

How small Saber Lion looks when posing in front of the papers.

Saber Lion: Isn't it time for your lunch now?? *sobs*
*Tako still scribbling at work..*

Saber Lion: Tako, i am hungry. *sobs*

Tako: I am so sorry, didn't hear you earlier... Here's your food..
Saber Lion: Tako, what about yours?? *sobs* why are you not eating?
Tako: Nahh, no appetite..

Saber Lion: Do you want some doughnut? I know, it's your favourite.
Tako: awww~ no my dear, thank you. i know u need your "doughnut". I will grab a bite soon k.. 
(i won't want to get a scolding from Ren too, for skipping lunch..)

Yes, I am whining about work.
I am really "exhausted" mentally.
Please don't mind me. LOL. I have Saber Lion with me.

Tako (x.x)..


  1. that's a lot of work there. LOL
    time to add oil with saber by ur side~

  2. Oh my there's a mountain load of work to be done.... So that's how the working life is? Hang in there. :D

  3. a lot of trees were sacrificed to create those stacks of paper, i have a head ache just looking at all that work XD

    aww Saber Lion so supportive and even offering her precious doughnut, she can keep you nourished with her cuteness Lol keep at it Tako! if it gets too rough maybe youll have to invite Yoko back to your workplace again *pew pew!* ^^;

  4. @sl619: those are completed work actually.. Oil.. Yes.. Must bring some oil and need some sparks.. And some slashing work with the help of saber lily..

    @marzz: it's a paper mountain!! Working life... Haha.. I enjoyed student-life a lil more.. Lol. Wel pple said student has time to enjoy but no money, whilst working pple has the money but no time to enjoy.. How true?? Lol.

    @rockleelotus: big headache and even heartache too! Tree murderer, I am. Sighhhh. These papers are important so can't really go paperless. Sweet saber lion is really sooooooo adorable. Helped me through the day!! Soon it's time for Yoko to accompany me for work.. pew pew pew!!

  5. Oops.. I forgot to sign off in my comments again. It's Tako here!! \\(x.x)//

  6. Ah take care Tako chan! I get upset feeling sometimes too when work piles up too much or customers get really on my nerves!!

    Luckily you have Saber Lion accompanying you!

  7. hmm, does your work involve reading all of those papers?? that's crazy stuff, hope you got through it well :D

    I thought Saber was cryin' because she has to take over all of the work LoL

  8. @chubbybots: Thank you! I will have to hang on ehhh.. ^5 to piling work and biz pple who makes us upset~~~~

    @h4msterworld: Yes, i had read and worked on all those "scary" papers. This flow of work is neverending.. I won't bear to get Saber to do all these work. I shall bear it! LOL.

    Tako ('O')9

  9. Wow you really have a lot of paper work. Save the earth!

  10. @LEon: I wanna save the earth too! Shall burn it and let ashes to ashes. Fertilize the earth. Sighhhh. Am really trying to cut down on printing those docs. These are after my deliberate cutting down measures.

    Tako ('o')x