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Gundam Fiesta Singapore 2009! 第二回

hallo.. its me again.. Ren here... went to the fiesta again ytd.. to take more photos for YOUUUU. After the previous visit.. i realised i missed some parts of the exhibition... NOT that its big.. haha.. so today, i'll post some of the photos i missed.. and updates i've seen at the exhibition. And oso.. exclusive on renntako!! lol.. i've actually registered myself for the VS speed building competition and competed ytd. so i'll briefly touch on it cos i din win... haha.



The limited edition Crystal Ver. MG Gundams were alr sold out on the afternoon that i went. It was released at 12pm that day. I wonder how many models did they stocked. 10???

Some new photos that i missed the last time... The ENTRANCE.  (=.=)"

 Now you cant touch both of them.. *cues 'Cant touch these..' music*

 This shield on the RX 78-2 was signed by Seiyuu of Amuro Ray!~ nice.
(声優 Seiyuu: a Japanese voice actor that works in radio, television, or movie)

They changed the layout slightly after HG 1/44 30th Anniversary RX78-2 based on BIG G was released at the fiesta..
before that, it looked like this. i wanted to buy it.. but, it's sold out too. T.T

The Gundam Walk-Of-Fame...

The main Gundams of each series.. can you name them all? ^^

Love to have such acrylic display cases at home..

And now, abt the VS Speed building contest... smthing tt scarred my life.

The stage and the contestants.... the contest is abt assembling a MASTER FIRST GRADE Gundam the fastest. The fastest time was 13mins 7sec. It is my first time assembling a kit of this grade. Kyrios has gladly volunteered himself. im jus happily snapping away on the stage.. unaware of the darkness tts looming..  Oh, and the prize was smthing SPECIAL, promised by the host...

There were supposed to have 5 contestants.. but one din turn up.. hwk? tuition? remedial lessons? ya, you get wad i mean abt the age group. So they decided to choose someone off stage.. a guy ard 20? to average out the age group.. Before it started, the host set a condition for us adults as a handicap.. we were to apply the stickers provided to complete the build. and the contest ended as soon as it started... We were each ask how many gundams we owned.. i have 14+ 1/100 HG frm Gundam Wing and a few MGs.. 
Guess who won?

Congratulations!! i think his name was Charlie.. very cute guy. He kept asking whether he had won the prize while the judge was inspecting.. The prize was a LIMITED EDITION CRYSTAL VERSIONNNNNNNNN..

first grade 1/144 launcher strike.

haha.. its a good prize! no further comments. Anyway, wad amazed me was.. he broke the time record.. YES. he did. This Charlie chaplin finished his model in 10 mins 16secs!! i tot i was fast.. when he finished, i onli had to snap in the limbs and im done.. KUDOS to him! i remembered the host asking how many models did charlie owned.. he said 40 over.. maybe they were all first grade............. haha jus joking. he scarred me.

This is wad i got as a consolation.. Kyrios that i assembled. =)

After crying for 13 mins, Picking up my broken body, i continued..

The booth abt Bandai hobby centre and some history.. you can see some close up photos BHC in part 1.

The first ever sketches for 1/144 RX 78-2.

Old wooden mold used to produce our plastic runners.

Frm the old kits to the recent ecopla.. nice.

These are the uniforms of the crews working at Bandai Hobby Centre.. i said crew becos its like a White Base! they have rankings like the army! i realli like how japanese company treats their empolyees.. makes me wanna work for them.. even tho i can onli e sweep floor..


  Check out the 'Ranking System..'! and they oso have different attire for different seasons and situation.. (they got this unmoveable bright lamp which spoils the photo..)

Now.. for the SD Gundams that i forgot to cover the last time..

A special booth set up for the SD gundams.. i cant realli elaborate more cos i dun realli have much understanding abt them, their series and history.. BUT i do like their relation to ancient japan of the warring era.. those armors reminds me of samurai..

Some dioramas featured..

i like this last picture most.. Its the FIVE DRAGON WARRIOR!!!
i think this is the new series Bandai is promoting lately..
Called the 三国伝 (say SAN-KOKU-DEN). Its actually based on an ancient Chinese Classic
三国志 (Romance of the Three Kingdom).
They're the 五虎将 (Five Tiger Generals) in it. Very similar rite...

BIG SD DIORAMA.. more photos as mentioned in my previous post..

Nice diorama.. i think it depicts one of the scenes in Romance of the Three Kingdom. Very much like the story of Spartan's 300.

SD Gundams that are sold at the event.

1/100 MASTER GRADE SD GUNDAM?!?!?!?!?!

YESS.. IT IS.. THEY ARE ALL 1/100!!! its realli nth short of amazing. Made frm scratch. The details.. the weapons.. i can only recognise a few of them.. Sazabi etc. How i wish bandai would make 1/100 Sankokuden Gundams.. It will surely milk me dry..
Can you spot Guan Yu? wad abt Lu Bu? =)

Gundam 00 Booth...

Everything frm SD, NG.. 1/144 to 1/60 is up on the shelf..
They oso have this diorama with 4 Meisters surrounded.
The Final Stand.

More competiton pieces..

Some MG and up-coming products...

Most of them frm Robot Tamashi.. upcoming Unicorn looks nice... and i dun remember Mr. Bushido fighting Exia.. lol.

Gundam activity centre..

This is where people who registered for the Gundam assembling tutorial gather.. At this session.. the kids are learning how to build First Grade Gundams.. Scarring experience. i think i need to learn too.

Lastly, i left you guys with this big 1/25(?) Raiser Gundam guarding the side entrance of the event... boy, his face is sooooo small.. Next American Top Gundam?? XD So, this will be my official coverage of Gundam Fiesta Singapore 2009! Hope you enjoy reading.. feel free to leave a comment or suggestions! Hope i can improve to let YOU know more abt our japanese way of life.. =)

(^^)"   レンです    では、じゃね!

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