Friday, September 25, 2009

MG RX-78-2 Ver.OYW W.I.S.P Part 4


back to give a small update on my RX-78-2... actually no. im too stressed over my panel-lining tt i decided to stop, rest and blog abt it. (X.X) notice the panel lining is THICK, which basically sums up this entry. its very very slow indeed.. i tot the worst part of building him was over.. which i tot was the painting part.. BUT. BUT. BUT. turns out tt the panel lining is giving me a HUGE wet blanket.. so much problems panel lining.. its very much UNLIKE panel lining plastic straight on.. where you can jus wipe it off with your hands or cotton bud if you make any mistakes...

Panel lining (スミいれ, say su-mi-ee-re) on painted surfaces for me is especially hard.. cos it causes alot of smudges for me.. and requires alot ALOT of cleaning up... onli to use the gundam markers in the end; which defeats the purpose of pane washing and wasnt wad i've planned in the beginning. more on that problem lata.. =(

Some tools and paint which im using now..

Some tools i'm using..

Anyone knows wad the pin is for under the cap?

1. Tamiya X-1 (black enamel paint oil based)
2. Tamiya X-20 (enamel thinner)
3. Gundam Marker (Sumi-ire marker oil based)
4. Metal trays and mixer for mixing paint
5. Wooden sticks, common cotton buds and kitchen towel for cleaning up.

As i had sprayed painted my RX-78-2.. its alr coated with lacquer based paint.. so using enamel paint for panel wash is not a problem for me.. or so i've tot. XD i even coated it with another layer of Super Clear Gloss which is oso a lacquer based.. extra protection when panel washing and putting decals. With such preparations... i tot i can breeze thru panel lining like i did on bare plastic surfaces. Boy, i was so wrong.

Mixing the paint and thinner wasnt hard.. and letting the paint flow wasnt hard too.. the hard part was the cleaning up.. after doing hours of researching.. all i saw was simple cleaning up.. using a cotton bud with abit of thinner.. gently brush thru the parts and its done!

But for me.. i think i coated the parts with too much paint? a solid layer of surfacer.. a base coat and a final coat of colour with super clear gloss coat proves too much for my pieces. i think many no-so-deep panel lines became a shallow bare line after all tt layers. so while the wash does flow.. after cleaning up with the cotton bud, the line got erased as well.. very frustrating! a big lesson learnt. Not too much paint next time. i have to end up using gundam markers to touch up or draw straight lines. which is THICK. TT.TT  And, Gundam marker has different properties to enamel paint as well. although its oso oil based, i find it hard to erase using the enamel thinner. it takes ard X10 more effort to rub off the stains left behind. SO pls be careful using gundam markers on painted surfaces..

While cleaning up.. i've also found out something.. while rubbing over the washed parts.. i find tt the gloss coat is also coming out.. its a very slight difference.. but under light, its very obvious as light reflects differently. So, is Super Clean Coating over the parts redundant?? haiz.

anyone has the solution to my problem?? realli need your help.. =(

here i got an example of staining.

You can see the square small window that i jus lined with marker becos using wash and cleaning up would erase the whole thing!! ARGH. and the smudges left behind after cleaning. need to clean a few more times to completely remove the stain.

This is wad i've done so far.. for panel lining tt is. So far i've onli panel lined the left leg.. very stress when i start to think abt how the WHOLE RX-78 is gonna turn out..

Left leg.

That's all i have for you!! Suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading. =)

(^^)"    レンです!   じゃね!


  1. Hmm I can't really comment because I actually skip the gloss coat. Most of the time I use gloss paint so I can skip the gloss coat, maybe thats why my enamal can still flow through. Instead of using cotton bud, use a tissue paper, but use those thick ones to do the wiping instead of the cotton bub. If find that its faster that way. The cleaning up part is the most tedious I am afraid. I remember I took a good half a day to clear up my Kochu gundam!

  2. oh i see.. my enamel does flow so it doesnt realli differ.. jus tt you can see the paint turn frm glossy to 'nth'. its not matt.. but not glossy too. maybe semi gloss? haha. when you say tissue paper.. the thick ones you mean using toilet paper? or like thick facial tissue paper? sure.. i'll try using tissue paper! =) yups.. i realised the cleaning up part is the most tedious part too.. haha. thanks alot chubbs!

    Ren. ^^

  3. Another alternative to removing enamel panel lines is to get the Zippo lighter fluid. It works wonders for me. Had the same problem when I was removing the panel line on my 7 swords until I discovered the Zippo solution.