Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life vs Death.

I wonder how fine is the line between life & death? Guess it's in a matter of seconds.

I have experienced it first hand. Just few days back i mentioned about having lots of unhappy events happening, well it's because I have more than one relatives admitted into hospitals at the same time. How interesting can my life be for the past one month? Rushing and fearing with every single phone call. One moment, my heart can be jumping right out of my mouth, the other moment it may sink right to my feet.

Spending so much of my time at the intensive care unit, i have seen so much tears rolling down people's cheeks, including mine. The fear and pain of seeing your love ones suffering in pain, or using every bit of their strength to hang on, the feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming. I wonder why am i not a doctor? Wel, even if i am one, i don't think i will be of much help, my eyes will be blurred with tears.

I have seen big families, hugging together and crying their hearts out. The pain of losing someone forever, it hurts. It hurts to know that you are not able to see the smiling face anymore. It hurts to know that you cannot hear the voice anymore.

But we have to move on, we can cry but we must know when to stop and pick oneself up again and continue with life's journey. Someone told me before, if you do not have bitterness, you won't know what is sweet. So if we do not know that there's death, we won't know that we have to treasure life and spend every seconds of our life fulfilled.

Negative thoughts cloud my mind. It's tough to learn how to handle fear and pain.

Tako ('_')9


  1. Sorry to hear what happened. Hope things can get better for you. I know how it feels dude. Went through this kind of stuff when my grandpa passed away. Time will heal all wounds ;)

  2. yups, it's tough managing it. thanks for well wishes.

    but am sorry for reminding you of sad times.

    i think i will be able to come out of it! Faith!
    hope i can start scribbling about happy things soon.

    Tako ('O')9