Monday, September 14, 2009

MG RX-78-2 Ver.OYW W.I.S.P Part 1

My first post about my own gunpla..

RX-78-2 Ver. One Year War 0079

I bought this model after my MG Exia IM (it's still hiding in the box...) becos.. im trying to learn to paint my models.. so i figured to get a simple model.. easy to build and paint.. with kick-ass details and i ended up with.. the Father of ALL GUNDAMS... RX-78-2 Ver. One Year War; or at least on of its variations.. =) After much researching (*very impt for any modellers*).. i decided on this... with the help of Z, you can see his blog on the right..

Simple build, simple colours (for spray cans) and very nice details.. the best i feel out of all MG RX-78-2s.. Ver.2.0 lacks alot of panel details but its very articulate. good for many pose-ability and true to its original anime. But if you wanna scare a kid with a RX-78-2, this will be the model to choose.

Okays.. when i started this blog.. i'm alr halfway thru the making of it.. i've sanded and prime all parts... so i continue frm this onwards... with some minor updates here and there if i have the time..

Parts have be sanded and primed.. and also seperated into their respective areas..
i.e: head, chest, left hand, right leg, weapons etc... sometimes colour too.

Today.. i'm starting to spray paint my parts... so bought some spray cans. Mr. Hobby or Tamiya alike.. and tested them on the runner parts to make sure the colours turn out right. The runner parts are given a coat of primer on one side.. cos i wanted to see the colour difference between primer-coated and non-coated parts..

Some basic colours of any main Gundams.. Blue, Red, Yellow and White. See the two yellow parts on the left? i got a camel yellow spray can after the plain yellow turned out REALLY PLAIN and pure yellow. Dun suit the yellow on Gundam.. So before you get a spray can.. the lesson is.. make sure you noe wad colour it brings out..

See the colour? it does not match the cap.. was quite pissed cos a can isn't cheap. But Tamiya spray cans din realli give me any problem with colour..

Painted my internal frame today.. the colour is Gunship grey. Really glad on how it turned out.. Alittle darker den normal ABS and with abit of shine cos it's matt. Gonna give its hydraulics a gold and silver combi.. ^^ Becos its a 1.5 RX-79-2 frame.. its gonna be quite troublesome to do it.. as the whole leg frame is molded as a whole. maybe i'll show you guys the next time i update.. =)

Start Masking the Hyper Bazooka too.. not easy... X.X

So that's all for today! will slowly update you guys on how my first painted Gundam turns out..
(^^)"    レンです。    じゃね!


  1. Heh looking good. Just checking which primer did you use? Can't make out if its grey or white primer you are using from the pics. If its grey primer probably thats why your yellow turned out this way. Maybe can swap the yellow for gold instead ^^.

  2. Yes, it's Tako here trying to spam comments though modelling is not my forte (yet).
    I think Ren used the white primer. i think only.

    Hello rennn~~, yes i am hogging the comments page. bleh.

    ('O')9 Tako

  3. haha.. thanks. ehhh i used 1000 Mr Surfacer with abit of 1200 oso.. the grey one. (sorrie tako!) maybe tt's why.. but becos the rest of the colours turned out the same as the can even tho they're primed grey.. so i tot the yellow is abit off.. i see..

    GOLDDDD.. cool idea.. after you said i feel like painting it gold but i painted it camel yellow alr.. awww.. having some problem with yellow oso. very troublesome. the plug of the air vent at the chest piece broked!!!! stuck in the hole. very depressed. can fix.. jus i need to waste money to buy the drill to drill for the other end to push it out. den cement it. super sian.

    anyway.. thanks for your advice!!! realli appreciated it! =)

    (^^)" Ren

  4. @ Tako Hai Hai ^^.

    @ Ren ah broken parts! hate it when that happens! I tried out gold for my O gundam hee ^^. Works pretty well. Anyway gambatte!