Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gundam Fiesta Singapore 2009! 第三回

Today, Ren and Tako went Gundam Fiesta to see Kawaguchi Meijin!!!! For those who don't know who Mr Kawaguchi Meijin is.. He is DA MAN who created Master Grade Gundam for BANDAI. That's RIGHT, everyone of your MG Gundams has gone thru him before it hits the shelf at your local hobby shop. wooo.. Ren is very excited.. (i registered myself for the consultation session) to be able to talk and consult him abt his model.. and learnt alot frm him... 嬉しがった!

Before i start.. jus some photos i took while in the activity caravan a few days back.. i was attending the Gundam model tutorial where they let us make our models... Models provided of cos! =)

This time i got a Dynames Gundam.. Cool.. Gonna paint it so i have not applied the stickers.. He's oso gonna be a test bed for a few of my new techniques i've learn.. wahhaha

okays.. let's start.. Some of the things Kawaguchi sensei done today..

When i first arrived, caught Meijin signing some autographs..

Meijin's giving a walkabout and helping some kids in the activity caravan today.. He's like my Japanese Santa.. hahah. oh.. the lady is turquoise is the translator.

Before my consultation.. Meijin give an hour long tutorial abt assembling Gundam.. its more targeted towards younger audiences as the Gundam used was frm SD Sangouku..

Meijin setting up his 'weapons'.. boxes and boxes of tools. ^^

Meijin did some demonstration on how to apply stickers on SD figures.. especially
Sangoku series.. where there's a lot of uneven areas.. He also taught us how to remove the white nubs on plastic after cutting it of the runners... and some other basic techniques like painting with gundam markers..

During my consultation.. i asked a few questions when he came ard to visit me.. i brought the internal frames of RX-78-2 Ver.OYW with some armor in questions.. i think out of my questions.. the only one that would be helpful to the general gunpla modellers is how to fix the issue of loose joints.. 

*IMPORTANT!!* How to fix loose joints.

The example i gave was MG Gundam Exia.. pointing to the guy across me. haha. and Kawaguchi sensei told me.. becos polycap is a made of soft material.. so overtime it would definitely become loose.. one way to solve this problem is, at the 'mouth' of the polycap, the concave area where the ball will be inserted, cut a small piece of any normal plastic bag in a round shape (more if needed), and place it at the mouth, den insert the ball into the polycap. Thus the plastic sheet would be effectively between the polycap and ball-bearing. This sheet of plastic will become a grip between the ball and the socket.. COOL.. wad do you guys think?? i have not tried it out yet.. cos i haven got this problem... maybe you guys can try it and let me noe!! =) sorrie for the lack of illustration...

Kawaguchi sensei giving some tip abt scribing panel lines on MG Exia.. you can use many layers of masking tape (for painting) overlapping it and use it as a guide. He also mentioned something noteworthy.. that is when scribing lines.. move the PART instead of the knife so as to ensure a firm grip on the knife.. cool tips.

While i was with Kawaguchi Meijin.. i got him to sign my RX-78-2 Ver.OYW manual!! wahaha.. very momentous as it was my first painted Gundam and consulted by him!! ^^"

After the consultation.. Mr Kawaguchi sensei had a VS speed building competition with the audience.. VS Mr Kawaguchi??? haha.. the winner would receive a Limited Edition Not-for-sale 1/144 HG RX-77 Guncannon Crystal version.. 4 members were selected and up the stage they go.. The piece used is the FG Gundam Kyrios.. same as mine the last time..

Mr Kawaguchi started with pasting the sticker first.. that's when the winner had been decided. hahaha..

In the end.. Kawaguchi sensei DID finished first.. of cos.. but the prize is given to someone who finished first other den Mr Kawaguchi sensei.. I went shopping with Tako while they were fixing..

Our LOOTS of the day..

Tako bought the HG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundame Ver.G30th.. She liked something realli classic. We were pondering whether to get the 1/144 HG Raiser 00 Crystal Ver. Event Exclusive too but we decided on this instead.. This Ver.G30th is based on the the BIG G at Odaiba which is being deconstructed as we speak.. TT.TT very very sad.. din get to see it personally.

So.. that is all i have frm the Gundam Fiesta Singapore 2009! Hope you enjoyed everything here.. love to hear for you guys! cheers.

(^^)"   レンです!    じゃね!!


  1. nice to meet you!!
    do you life in Japan?? How lucky you...i always want to go there hahah.
    so, thanks for the great tips bout fixing the loose parts. one question though, we just inserting some small plastic to the polycaps hole right? And then just plug the ball joint, right?
    thanks in advance

  2. Hello, I am Tako! ('O')9

    Nice to meet you too!

    Both Ren and I don't live in Japan. sad. But I do look forward to someday when i get to move to Japan.

    Yes, you are right in fixing the loose parts.
    For fast fix, you may just place the small plastic sheet over the polycap hole then you use the ball-joint to push/plug both the small plastic sheet and ball-joint into the hole.

    Hope the above helps! If you need a step-by-step guide, i think Ren will be more than happy to post it. Just tell us, if you need!

  3. yeah, i didn't read "Singapore" word earlier hahaha.

    okay i'll try it. Thank you very much you two!

  4. ha.. its okays.

    sure! let me noe how it turns out k! =)

    (^^)" Ren

  5. Woah nice tips from the sensei ^^. Too bad I was sick so didn't go down that weekend. Must have been awesome to see him in person. Hopefully the yen will come down when you go to Japan.

  6. hihi chubbybots! Yes, it's totally awesome that you get to see Sensei face-to-face. He looks like a nice grandpa. LOL.

    Back to the tips that he gave, i really think that it's quite cool. The idea of using such simple materials, it's a whoah!

    Do share after trying out any of the tips.

    thanks for the well wishes on the japanese yen. am really keeping my fingers totally crossed.

    ('O')9 Tako!