Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1/60 Perfect Grade Wing Gundam Zero Custom

Hello Everyone!

Look at this lovely box of Wing Gundam Zero Custom!

(Sorry for the really not-so-good = lousy photo quality,
took it in a haste and was too excited about it)

For people who think that it is a W.I.P post... HA! You are trapped. This is a post by Tako! And this post will disclose how blur I am at times.

The truth behind this is.. 

I own 2 boxes of W-Gundam Zero Custom! Yes, it is a PERFECT GRADE!

Long story short, well, my first exposure to Gundam was actually from the anime series of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, and I was totally in "love" with Heero Yuy! HA!

(Heero Yuy - ヒロ・ユイ)

This meant that I would love the Gundam that he was piloting and this would mean that I would like to own Wing Gundam!

More than 10 yrs ago..
And well, one day, a box fell onto my lap. I became the owner of a PG Wing Gundam Zero Custom! I happily opened the box and started building it. Back then, I was totally clueless about what is Perfect Grade and my only experience is only High Grade. Ok, my "back then" is like more than 10 yrs ago. So back then, I was just a girl who was fascinated with Gundam but did not research on gunpla. But come to think of it, there were not much resources during those days, there was no Gundam Expo, not much of internet resources telling you how to build or improve on Gunpla skills. Or maybe, I was really not exposed to the gunpla community back then. My only modelling skills came from building a Zoid at the age of 7 with my dad, and ermmm... I went ahead to challenge-start-build a PG! Whoah, come to think of it,  I salute myself. HAHA.

I digressed.

So more than 10 yrs ago..
I started to build it right from the box and after snapping together some joints, I realised that... HEY! The runners were NOT COMPLETE!! There were MISSING RUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!

Well, then after some time, another box of fell onto my lap! Heard that the person who sold the first box of missing-runners-wing gundam actually gave the second one for free and this chap is from Hong Kong. He came Singapore for holiday and brought this second kit along to pass it to me.

NOW, I own 2 boxes of Wing Gundam Zero Custom:-
1. PG missing-runners-Wing Gundam Zero Custom; and
2. PG Wing Gundam Zero Custom

In YEAR 2011!
So how can i be selfish and own 2 boxes of it? I decided to bring it out and start counting the runners..

I picked up the construction manual and started counting the runners for the "PG missing-runners-Wing Gundam Zero Custom".

Counting in Progress....


Now that I have known Ren, of course, I would be disturbing him to help me revive the box of "PG missing-runner-Wing Gundam Zero Custom". And we calculated how much it would cost to ship runners over. AND ALL THE MISSING RUNNERS were EITHER in CHROME or in MIXED COLOURS! Sigh.. we were expecting to spend about 100odd bucks in shipping the 4 runners over. (T.T)

BUT we started deluding ourselves:-

1. Errr, Ren, maybe you can make a Wing Gundam in repair mode??
2. Errrrr, or Ren, maybe you can modify it???
3. Errrrrrrrr, Tako, maybe we can treat that box as a spare-parts box???

Ahhh! We can't convince ourselves that we are OK with 4 missing runners. So we will ship the runners over!

So that we can own 2 complete sets of PG WING GUNDAM ZERO CUSTOM!!


Tako ('O')9

Pssssst: Don't be misled by the ticks on the Construction Manual. The ticks came from the complete-runner-Wing Gundam Zero Custom. I had developed the habit of counting runners for all gunpla model kits! Super no sense of security now. Remember, the Musha MK-II that I bought for Ren, I counted the runners twice! Ren was laughing his head off when he saw me bending at the table feverently counting runners..


  1. a PG with missing runners?! really unthinkable nowadays. nvr met and DONT WANT to meet it myself. XD
    repair mode will be cool! bt a pg's gonna take loads of work.....
    and no, im not stalking u both for commenting so fast after ur post. =p

  2. Argh.... That's pretty bad luck...
    Pretty good habit to count runners before starting. Maybe I should do the same haha....

  3. Missing runners, in a PG? That's... huh?
    You're not first one, my friend's one missing a few nuts and screws...

  4. 2 boxes of PG Wing Zero Custom!! :~ I'll be overwhelmed if I could just get 1. Missing 4 runners in a PG is really unthinkable, given the money you paid for the item. I will have many sleepless nights if I were to find myself missing runners midway into a PG build.

    I guess like what Marzz has pointed out, it is always a good habit to check them before beginning although many don't do it, and neither do I practice it ^^'

    I will be looking for to the WIPs and completion of the 2 WZCs.

  5. @sl619: hahaha.. Stalker-san?? Hmmm.. Okie since u tried explaining, will believe that you are not stalking k.. And no! Please don't come across missing runners. The feeling is totally lousy.

    Repair mode with a PG sounds amazingly challenging! Hahah let Ren challenge it. Not me!! I won't be able to upgrade my skills in time..

    @Marzz: it's really ultimate.. That I get to meet missing runners.. Oh yay counting runners is good habit eh.. Hahahaha!! ホラー, Ren, counting runners is good habit, not paranoid. Haha.

    @bd77: it's HUH?! Oh dear, your friend's face the similar fate as me....

    @Jacques: when i took the 2 boxes out, I feel so "proud" but once "missing runners" set in, I am super down. I spent many days complaining and feeling upset over it.. Until I had the other complete box.

    Heeee.. Counting runners is good!! Count runners from now on okie.. (:

    Okie Ren! Heard that, we will be looking forward to W.I.P and the complete product!! Ha.

    Tako ('o')9

  6. Argh...for a PG to have missing runners...I'll definitely freak out....

    If my first kit was like that I would have been scarred for life and check the hell out of very box prior to buying..

    But dank...2 pgs!!! Do one Tako version and One Ren version!!

  7. Good job! I have just got 1 PG Wing Custom from Taipei too. Can't wait to build it! But Having two is way awesome!!!

  8. U buy two???? lol

  9. Wow I totally never check the runners when I build. And if there are so many runners like a PG, all the more I won't check.

    Two PGs... not one but two... It's like the awesomeness aura concentrated in one small space.

  10. @chubbybots: I was scarred!! So I start counting runners from now on.. Tako version?? Haha.. Will it be a straight build or... Tako's version will be as it is from the box with runners!! Hur Hur..

    @Gundam Gunso: hello!!! Congrats on getting the PG!! For me, I need to brush on my gunplay skills first.. Especially the habit of sanding the parts. I am quite lousy at that.. Will be lookin forward to your build!

    @gunpla4ever: 2!!!!! Hahaha!! Yay!

    @playevolution: me am really scared of missing runners.. Hah. It's a burst of awesomeness!

    Tako ('o')9

  11. Oucch trapped hahaha. No good No good, missing runner is no good. But what if you got more runners then? Hehehe.

  12. The feeling of missing runner is like ~_~,but beside that,WZC still have a problem,that it do not have a stand as a lot of pose need a stand.

  13. even PG have missing Runners wow >w< (what i can't believe is 4 missing runners)

    so where you order the missing runners ? HLJ

  14. @canopy: ooops hope that my trap didn't hurt you too much.. Haha. Yes missing runners not good and extra runners means... Can mod some parts and no need to worry if we spoil the part because we have for spares.. But hope that the extra parts didn't come from some else's kit.. >.<

    @rubyvijudai: hello to you!!! Oh yah... You reminded me that there's no stand.. Hmmmm.. Needs to put on thinking cap.. But I will leave it to Ren.. Hahahaha.

    @Aya: hmmm I think I the only unfortunate case around. So no worries!! And Yups ordered the runners from hlj..

    Tako ('o')9

  15. @ Tako Hello to you too XD