Monday, January 31, 2011

サマーウォーズ Summer Wars

Summer Wars!!!
(source: official site for Summer Wars)
I know I am out-dated! I know I am slow! But I love Summer Wars!

格闘王 キングカズマ 大好き!!!

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From young, I love rabbits and I have a white bunny. He is a gift from my grandpa. We both brought it up to be a handsome and attitude rabbit! But as times went by, all things came to an end.

So when I watched Summer Wars, I am totally in love with King Kazuma! He's cool, skilled in martial arts and stands up for justice! How can I not like him?? And well the little boy who is behind the avatar King Kazuma is quite a strong little boy who learnt the importance of protecting family through the happenings of the whole summer bizarre. So for me, I have got no complaints for this character! HAH! and.....

So what happens after the movie?!

(courtesy : Goodsmile company's site)

Both Ren and I started on a frantic search for the figma King Kazuma!!
I want a rabbit!
I want a white rabbit. Ren!
I want a rabbit! King Kazuma!
I can dress up my white bunny with a knitted red vest and doujou pants!
Yes! A real life bunny! I want to go to a pet shop!
I want to buy a white plush rabbit! I had knitted a red vest for it.
I want the figma!
Ren wants the figma too!

As I was screaming out all these whinings out loud, Ren was searching online for the figma. It was released in Oct 2010 and now it's sold out almost everywhere! But we found it comfortably somewhere and we checked out the cart in just 5 mins! But the down side is we will have to wait til March then we will get him!

It's a long wait so I stil want a white plush bunny in the meantime! Ren!!!

I love the story!
This is a good film.
I love the grandma in the movie, real strong old lady and warm-hearted grandma.

If you have not watched it, please please please go find some way to watch it! But it is so great that I don't think that it is possible that any one of you out there had missed it. I guess both Ren and I are the last beings on earth who did not watch it until recently.

I actually clapped after the movie sub-consciously. I like the contrast between the character and background illustration.

It is a war during summer.


I need not elaborate further.. (ToT)

Tako (X.X)9


  1. Sorry to hear abt the cancelled order. Dun give up, I'm sure u will b able to get it some way or another XD

  2. hmm.. i think we've found our mascot for the "rabbit" year. XD

  3. nooooo that really sucks :( ive had that happen to me once before and its a real bummer... hope you can find another place that has it in stock soon.

    Summer Wars is an awesome movie! i only just recently watched it also... yay we are all so behind lol ^^;

  4. don't worry, i just watched it recently too. even though i bought the DVD a year ago during AFA09!

    awesome movie btw.

    if you can't get the figma, maybe you'll be interested in the PVC figurine?

  5. ahh, me wants the figma too..still searching for King Kazuma till today though :D

  6. @Gundam Gunso: Yosh! Ren and I are really working hard to keep our hopes high for King Kazuma!!!!! (T.T)

    @sl619: Yes, totally fitting for this year's Lunar New Year. The YEAR OF THE RABBIT! King Kamzuma!!!!! (T.T)

    @rockleelotus: Yes it's totally "sky came crashing down"! We are expending all our efforts.. Yups, Summer Wars is totally awesome and let's be the last beings on earth to enjoy Summer Wars!
    King Kazuma!!!!! (T.T)

    @ Roar Roar: Hello!!!! Welcome welcome to the group of last beings on earth to watch Summer Wars! totally awesome movie!!

    yesh, thank you for the idea! and we did consider getting the figure too. So it's like we want both the figure and figma too! Figma, can move its joints and play!
    KING KAZUMA!!!!! (T.T)

    @h4msterworld: Oh yes, you know our feelings right, you understand it right? IT'S NOOOOOOO!!!

    Tako (T.T)9

  7. I am sure it will be easier to get Him after relesed :D

    anyway Happy Chinese New Year Ren and Tako :D

  8. @Aya: yah.. he was released late last year and we missed the time to snatch it. Happy Lunar New Year to you too!!

    Tako ('o')9

  9. you better pray that they still have stock. because i just saw the "In Stock" sign for their King Kazuma figma.

  10. @Roar Roar: thanks a lot for informing!! Thank you thank you!!

    Hehee.. Both Ren and I had something to confess.. Our latest loot(s).. Hahaha.. Stay tuned to our new post.. Am still doing up the post.. Hahahaha!! Ooh can't hide my happiness and excitement!!

    Tako ('o')x

  11. enjoyed this movie, the story and settings are unique. Plus Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's characters ^^