Sunday, January 23, 2011

黒執事 The Black Butler

Hello everybody!!!

How many Nendoroids do you have now? And well, how many of them are girls?

Ask me! We have an army of Nendoroids and NONE of them is a boy. Except for three robots - tachikoma. So Ren feels so neglected. Because we are always fussing over our girls but no boys. Something like how a dad may want to have a little boy to play with while mom wants to have a little girl to dress up.

With this in mind, we set out to look for some boy-Nendoroid. We have limited choices but somehow Ren has set his eyes on a pair of Nendoroids and he had been trying to brainwash me subtly.

Ren: "Tako, you love cats right. You know that this xxx Nendoroid set has a black cat. It's quite adorable.."
Tako: "huh? Do you mean that you want to spend $$$ just to get the cat?"
A moment of silence and the conversation ended..

So Ren wasn't successful until recently. He got the chance to show me the actual thing. At AFAX, there was a stall selling them and I encouraged Ren to get it. BUT we didn't manage to get them at AFAX, they got snapped up.

But miraculously somehow someday some-way, I saw these two boxes laying in Ren's wardrobe!

Ren never fails to surprise me with his hunts. If he was living in edo-days, I guess he would fit the bill of a ninja *poof* and I would be some clueless towngirl living a clueless life. Hah!
And so.. Tada! We have our boys now!! Sebestian and Ciel!!
*applause* our first boys!!! *whistles*

Eh.. So where's my black cat? I am supposed to like it. Hah. Let me give it a hug!

あーれ! I can lift it up with one finger. And I love cats. 

And i found someone who likes cats too!... Sebestian is a cat lover too!

Sebastian: "cat.. cat~~"

*drops the cat* 
Sebastian: "Ohh hmmm, a big cat.. "

 Kyouka: "who are you?! This is the omnipotent Kyouka sama's house!"
Sebastian: "hmmm, a big cat.."

 Sebastian: "hmmm, come kitty come.."
Kyouka: "omae! kyouka-sama is talking to you! Are you listening???!!!"

Sebastian: "Come, cute kitty...."
Kyuoka: "Cute??? Are you saying that i am cute??"

*seemed like there's a gap in conversation*

Ciel: "Why am I being ignored? 
And why is there a lion beside me???! 
Sebastian! What are you doing with a cat??"
I am your master and YOU ARE MY BUTLER!"
Saber Lion: "..."

 Sebastian: "Yes, my lord. Here's your chair and drink. Please pardon me."
Ciel: "hmph, ok."
*look at Sebastian's face, seems to be telling us that he is @!#@#$%$ inside his heart.*
Saber Lion: "..."

Sebastian: "Is that my lord with neko-mimi???"
Kyouka: "Ahh! Why am in the boy's clothes?? Tako, what have you done??"
Tako: Nothing. Hee. 

I love the last photo of Kyouka dressed in a little gentleman suit. Super adorable!

The body belongs to Ciel and the package comes with 2 bodies - one for sitting on the armchair (that comes with it) and another for standing. And 2 faces - one "peeved" look and the "cool" look. There are not much accessories for Ciel-package. But this same package comes with Sebastian's arm for holding the tray and that tray of teapot and teacup. I guess this is because of his character in the anime. He is the lord and he hardly needs to do anything as he has a all-capable butler who helps him in all the chores.

As for Sebastian, he has a little more facial expressions and more arms,. Like those folded arms to carry the black stray cat and to make his classic cool pose.
I guess, we will like the new addition of a guy and boy into our collection.

Who are you calling a boy??!

Ciel does have a face that says "pinch-my-cheek" look. Come on, he's just a little boy.

I am totally enjoying "Tako's phone". Recently most of my posts were typed out using my iPhone. I am fully utilizing it. 
I love Tako's Phone. 

Tako ('O')9


  1. I am tempted to get these two!! You made me realized I have collecting the little girls only lol! Ninja grabs are cool ;P

  2. @chubbybots: hahaha!! Need some boys for balance! I didn't realise the army of girls too, it was Ren who pointed it out! So in the end, we are stocking up on boys.. Stay tuned!
    Ninja grabs! I recently experienced a ninja-grab with Ren. Checking for available stock and checking out the cart in just 5 mins. It was adrenaline-rush experience! Woot hoot!

    Tako ('o')9

  3. Sebastian is sooooo cute. Makes me wanna get him too

  4. OMG omaigod omaigod, Takoooo how can?? Do you have a special gallery place or something for these *aaaah* kawaii Nendos. The background, the chibi furniture, omaigod omaigod looks so great. :D :D

  5. @Gundam Gunso: Yes! He's adorable! Go get him!!

    @canopy: hee.. Thank you!! Aren't they simply adorable.. (=^ェ^=)
    The background and chibi furniture pieces are from the Nendoroid playsets!! Hahaha!! It's like a dollhouse for the Nendoroids!!

    Tako ('o')x

  6. i want nendos to magically appear before me too!! haha Seba x Kyouka! i like :3 so much fun with all the neko!

    i always wanted to get Zetsubou sensei as the first boy nendo in my collection but that seems impossible T_T Seba and Ciel look really cool and they come with nice accessories too... i should add a boy to my stories soon but which one!

  7. @rockleelotus: Hahahaha! *Blink* nendo magically appear on your table! Isn't it totally great magic?? Aren't the pair just adorable??

    Oh Zetsubo sensei, yes, that's one of the boys on our list too.. HUR HUR. UBER EXPENSIVE. QUICK go add a boy to your collection, can add lots of sparks into your collection and stories!

    Sebastian and Ciel pair look nice together. They shall not be seperated. OH my goodness i think we are going to hunt for more boys now.

    Tako ('O')x