Monday, January 10, 2011

MG XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero Custom WIP 1!

(no, there isn't a mistake.. your eyes are not fooling you.. its the master grade ver., not perfect grade. its gonna be awhile for the missing runners to fall from the skies.. XD) 

My first post after new year! yeah.. Tako did her duty for the last 2 weeks by doing most of the posts while i slacked.. xD thank you TAKO! *pat pat* well, wad was i doing? i was busy with... 'some small projects'. keke. will try to show you guys wad i was up to after i've finished everything. halo everyone... ren here. =)

i realised that i cant do kits, do posting, take photos of the kits all at the same time.. its kinda distracting to me, and maybe becos its too much of a hassle cos i move my barang barang(stuffs) alot... like a nomad-gunpla-er. i make my kits everywhere when opportunities arises. my room, sofa, floor, dining table, office, hospital, while waiting for tako. muahahhaa. so everything is packed nicely and ready to move.. having said tt, i'll still try to post every now and then during in between builts to update you guys.. since i've gotten a few feedbacks that you'd like to see wad i do with my kits...

WHICH.... brings me to this post! WIP for MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom... its gonna be a short post with photos and a few comments at the side.. just to guide you along... let's go~! ^^

Heero Yuy and his beloved beast.

i have a few helpers to put WZC back together after Heero pressed the self-destruct button. Somehow Humpty Dumbty's rhyme keeps going over & over in my head.

'All the King's Horses & all the King's Men,
Couldn't put Wing Zero Custom back together again...'

legs looks kinda plain.. there isn't alot of panel lines..

the inner frame tt's exposed after bending.. i'm gonna do some ren's treatment to it.. xD

painted some parts that's exposed when its bended.

Painted the vents on the ankle guard to make it more anime-accurate.. for comparisons sake, one on the left is painted..

feets painted too..

i have no idea why i took this photo.. to show how the armor covers most of the inner frames? one feature of the old MGs is that they have very nice inner frame details, but most of the armors covers it. the newer MGs doesn't have tt nice inner details.

painted the vents on the back skirt gunmetal..

not really obvious but i painted the miniguns gunmetal too.

the twin buster rifle is gonna receive some ren's treatment too.. keke.

right side, painted the back of the wrist sensor silver so that...

i can get it to reflect better after a layer of clear green!

following the manual, i spray painted it gold...

i couldn't find any clear yellow spray cans.. so i proceeded with using acrylic clear yellow over the exposed gold can see the diff on the shoulders..

Heero-san getting dressed...

NOW, he's ready to initiate another round of self-destruct sequence. when i think of Heero Yuy, that's all that came to mind. xD

a closer look at Zero's cockpit.. i haven clean it up yet.. see the huge sliver button? yeah tt's right, its the self destruct button. you cant miss it.

Alrites! that's all the photos i've taken for now.. its almost completed.. still have decals to put on... initially i wanted to use the MG Wing Gundam's decals for it.. but decided i shld try samualdecals for a change.. so everything went smoothly during christmas until i place an order for the decals... hafta put the kit's work on hold until it arrives. thus i started a few side projects.. some half done, some jus started.. and managed to finished one huge a$s kit in the process of waiting.. and atlas, the decal arrived a few days back.. so im back to doing this kit now.. ^^

hope to post more WIPs soon.. thanks for reading! see ya guys ard.. =)

(^^)"     レンです!     じゃね!


  1. Man, you even painted the pilot figure! That's pretty awesome!

  2. Wow the pilot figure and cockpit detail are great! I usually can't be bothered to paint them properly.

  3. LOL @ self-destruct silver button

  4. wow... the cockpit!! nice job man!
    btw, mind sharing the gold u use? hehe
    its so bright, bought a few and my gold is still not shinning brightly.. T_T

  5. @Marzz: thank thanks.. yeah.. somehow i find painted pilot really completes a Gundam.. so i really like to see it painted. =)

    @playevolution: =D thanks! ^^ yeah.. you dun hafta when you have a FREAKING nice SINANJU.. xD who would look at your COCKpit when the red monster is so nice.. HAHAHA. oh no.. mus keep this blog under 18. painting the cockpit & pilot are some redeeming factor for me compared to nice completed kits like yourrrsssss.. haha..

    @bardiche: =D doesn't that looks sooooo accessible? he might even hit it accidentally while eating cup noodles in the cockpit. xD

    @sl619: haha.. thanks! its those things tt you would do when you dun own an airbrush.. hahahaha. sure! the gold i used is Tamiya's Gold. TS-21. i prefer tamiya's spray paint over mr hobby's. the color looks better to me.. there's even a better gold from tamiya, ATAS one.. cost twice the price, and you need a layer of black gloss beneath it first. =) hope you find this useful! =D

    ren. ^^

  6. Wat kind of paint did u use to paint the pilot?

  7. thanks for info ren!! ^^
    hope ur making great progress on the kit currently. XD

  8. Wow, PG Gundam Wing.... good luck with it... look forward to see the final result...

  9. @gunpla4ever: oh.. i used tamiya acrylic paints.. =)

    @sl619: my pleasure! no probs.. haha. ermm yeah.. making some slow progressions.. the rainy days aren't helping with the topcoating.. =(

    @David John Shewsbury: hahaha.. its NOT!! its the MG ver. yeah.. its gonna be done soon.. left with decaling.. ^^

    ren. =)

  10. That Pilot must be really tiny..
    Can't wait too see the final result :D

  11. XD quite truth,when you say Heroo the thing that come to your mind is self-destruct or blowing his suit up to save the world like endless walts.

  12. @h4msterworld: ha.. yeah. i was afraid tt i could lose it in the midst of all the plastics.. thanks.. but there's some hold up due to the decals.. T.T

    @rubyvijudai: ahhaa.. heero boom. xD

    ren. ^^

  13. How did you paint the pilot? i really admired you, you achieved my expectations to be for my kit, i still dont have any experience painting kit, i have some self lighting powder(green) for the zero system orb, some tamiya paints, brush, top coats, etc... But i still dont any use them cause i dont know how and im afraid to try, i wish you can help/teach me. ^_^