Monday, February 7, 2011

Coping with the.... gap?? Is that K-ON! ??


It the year of the rabbit.. and where's my KING KAZUMA???!

After experiencing the GREAT heartache from the cancelled order for figma King Kazuma, we were feeling totally depressed. King Kazuma! King Kazuma! King Kazuma! KING KAZUMA~!

*ding dong* We received a package today and it helped to heal our hearts!

It's K-ON! puchi series!




It is a whole box super adorable girls from K-ON! 
The package comes with 2 sets of our 5 girls.
Yui is sooooo adorable!
Mio is pretty and same goes to Mug!
Ritsu has that cool grin on her face!  
Azu-nya is simply adorable too!

 One set with uniform complete with their instruments. A true knock-out!

... and the other with swimsuit. 

Yui is really really really adorable!

For people who follows the series will remember that Azu-nya will always get a bad case of sunburnt skin during summer vacation with the rest of the K-ON members. This package comes with the super adorable over-burnt Azu-nya. 

Given the size of a puchi with the detailed paint job on their faces, clothes and instruments; the work is totally awesome and admirable! The amount of inter-changeable faces will mean tons of fun!

Wait a minute! I have got Mio dressed in maid's uniform too!

 The size is so portable that we can carry any one of them anywhere anytime and they will add some spice and cuteness to photos! Or they may even make my appetite better whilst they stand by my meals.

Though King Kazuma is still on my mind, whilst we search for alternatives, we can spend our attention on the new lovely girls for the moment first. Till then, where's King Kazuma?!

But where's our King Kazuma?! 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。

Tako ('o')9


  1. K-ON!!! oh gosh, you guys managed to get the girls!

    because there was a stock cut for the nendoroids, Latendo is still trying to find other ways to get them for those that pre-ordered. ~_~.``

  2. OMG! They are so cuteee!!! 10 new nendoroids, 10 times the fun XD

  3. @Roar Roar: yups, we got it during back-order. Phew, it was a close shave.

    Recently, such cases of "stock cutting" are quite frequent. Good luck! keeping fingers crossed for you, hope that you can get it..

    @ Gundam Gunso: yeps, they are totally adorable!!! Uber adorable! words can't describe..

    Tako ('O')x

  4. hey ren!

    thanks for heads-up about the nendoroids. but it's really expensive to get from yesasia! well, i will see how it goes with latendo.

    the one reason why i'm getting the petits is because i missed out on the Ritsu nendoroid. so if i don't get the petits, i will be praying very hard for a re-release.

    you could've just left me an email. HA!
    thanks anyway!

  5. wow I just saw this on sale at a store few Hours ago, but decide to take the Fate Stay night one as I don't really know anything about K-ON!

  6. @Roar Roar: don't mention it! Good to share info especially on where to get precious loots.. yah I agree tat yesasi us expensive, will only use it as last resort. Stil keeping my fingers crossed for u!!

    @Aya: hot from the oven wh.. keke.. They are so adorable that wanted to share their pics with everyone. Oh fate stay night, on my list too! But well I have to be contented with Nendoroids..

    Tako ('o')9

  7. @Roar Roar: I realized that I made a typo error.. Wanted to agree that yesasia is expensive.. But somehow butter-fingers on iPhone.. Heheee.

    Tako ('o')9

  8. @Tako: i'm keeping my fingers crossed too. heehee.

  9. dun worry bro, King Kazuma will sure get a restock due to such an overwhelming demand! (hopefully)

  10. @ Roar Roar: x('o')x

    @sl619: hahaha!! Yups we managed to find it!! Yay so happy!!

    Tako ('o')9