Sunday, February 27, 2011


0Hi people! I know! Both Ren and I seemed to have disappeared for a little while. And it's because of me - falling sick. Really quite sick that I was stuck in bed for a while. Ren spent all his time worrying for me too.

 So was I sick from all the rush and stress?

I guess so!

I just fell sick and got glued to my bed.


So somehow.. This little blog got a little neglected with a thin layer of dust.

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

I will try to nurse myself back to health and be jumping around and leave my tentacles marks around soon!


Tako ('o')9


  1. Take care! Take it easy...
    I am afraid I may disappear from the blogging sphere for a while too.. Maybe? :P

  2. Get well soon! Looks like many bloggers are taking breaks from blogging...

  3. Oooo... Take care. Get well soon. Looking forward to any new posts when you get well XD

  4. Get well coon Tako,I am sure Ren will Nurse you ;)

  5. @Marzz: Thanks for the concern.. yups will take it easy as am feeling lotsa better now.. oh dear, you are disappearing.. okie, but don't take too long k!!

    @playevolution: Thanks thanks.. i have this same impression too, many pple taking little breaks..

    @Gundam Gunso: Thank you! yups, am trying to take a little more rest, but am resuming work on some posts.. hahah. i miss the blog. hurhur.. (=.=) bear with me, am too crappy..

    @Aya: Thank you!! Ren is a little naggy whenever it comes to me falling sick.. so i will make sure i recover fast!

    EVERYONE, stay tuned.. THANK YOU!

    Tako ('O')v

  6. get well soon ^_^

    btw, what is the pink octopus-like figure below saber-chan?

  7. take care tako~ dun let the stress get a hold of you! Get well soon yeah! ^^

  8. @Multiseven: thank you!! Ohhh.. Haa.. That octopus-like figure is really an octopus called Gekka, a character in an anime titled Kyouran Kazoku Nikki 狂乱家族日記.

    @sl619: thank you thank you! Yups must learn to keep stress away.. And not let it control me.. And am feeling better now.

    Tako ('o')v

  9. Get well soon :D and that is a very cute photos by the way ^^

  10. @h4msterworld: thank you! Am better so managed to do up a new post alr.. Thank you for the compliment on the pic.. Saber lion is just so so so so adorable and not forgetting Kyouka-sama too!! awwww ~

    Tako ('o')x