Saturday, February 12, 2011

And.... We have ~ キングカズマ!!

Surprise surprise surprise !!

ヾ(@^ - ^@)ノ

After days of whining and screaming loud to all of you out there, I have my King Kazuma now! The FIGMA!! Yes you did not read wrongly, rub your eyes again!

Yes, I have my King Kazuma now! 
I have to thank Ren again! He managed to track down our king Kazuma waiting for us in a little corner of earth. And whola we are proud owners of this power-packed figma King Kazuma!

psssst to Roar Roar: Yups, you would have guessed correctly, we got our King Kazuma figma from Toy Coin.

Lovely King Kazuma comes with a flag bearing the samurai crest of his family. Love his super cool no-nonsense pose!

Look at that squirrel avatar - Kenji, love his "expressionless" face. 

Ritsu:"What timeless expression that you have over there!"

Kenji is enjoying lots of attention from the girls. 

(Don't you wish to be Kenji now??)

Well this post is all about king Kazuma but as I start bringing out the K-ON girls, I got distracted and Kenji became the reporter! Kenji just wants to be in all the photos eh..

Here is a sneak peak at our recent loots!! Hahaha!

Kenji: "Tako! I will help you with introducing them.. Hi people! This lovely pair is Nendoroid puchi of BRS and Dead Master!"

 Kenji: "These are Dead Masters.."

Kenji : "Ehhh, still Dead Masters.. 
ooh standing in front of them makes me feel so inseure. 
Oh Hi Dead Master-Nendoroid san, please see where your scythe is.. near my neck, CAREFUL!!"

Tako: "Hey Kenji, aren't you supposed to introduce our loots?? Stop tackling girls.. 
Oh people! Here's BRS-s"

This is how King Kazuma look like when he gets a little irritated and upset.

 Tako : "I am sorry, King Kazuma, I got distracted. "
King Kazuma: "It's ok, Tako."

Ren and I will do a post specially for King Kazuma! DEFINATELY! We are on a rabbit craze currently. We just grabbed 2 hand-puppet rabbits off some retail shelves saying that one of them look like King Kazuma! 



Tako ('O')VV


  1. Looks like Kenji attracted the girls more than Kazuma. XD

    Wait till you make him do fighting stances, he's amazing.


    so glad Toy Coin still had stock. HA!!

  3. @bd77: yep, kenji tried attracting the girls using his expressionless face. And King Kazuma has not shown his fighting stances yet.. Otherwise Kenji may not have the chance. Hahahaha.

    @Roar Roar: Yessss!! thanks thanks. So happy that there are still stocks!!

    Tako ('o')vv

  4. Congratulation for the awesome grab! King Kazuma Figma could do some really cool fighting pose right?

  5. ahahah, the expressionless squirrel can fit in any photos, so funny!!

  6. Congrats!! You finally got your King Kazuma. Looks like your hard work paid off XD

  7. Errr, isn't the title supposed to be "We have Kenji"? Hahaha. :D
    And..... that is a SD GP03D along with the Nendos right, so he is now in a cuties group too? Haha :D

  8. wow... thats a big loot there guys~ :D

  9. @h4msterworld: THANK YOU!!! Yes, it's a totally awesome grab.. i was almost in tears when i saw it.. HAHA. Yups, he do really nice fighting poses.. love it!

    @heathorn: Kenji just fits in seamlessly. his expressionless face -> timeless. HAH.

    @Gundam Gunso: THANK YOU!! yups, Ren's hard work and my constant whining paid off. HAHAH.

    @canopy: Yups, after i looked at the photos, i realised that i neglected King Kazuma! Hahah.. and we have.... KENJI! GP03D fits in totally? Don't you think??? HAHHA.

    @sl619: yah, big loot. I totally forgot that we pre-ordered it, until i saw it.. THEN it went *dang* OH YAH!!

    Tako ('O')9

  10. whoaaa... there are lot of pucchi nendos there... cool!! ^_^

  11. @Multiseven: hahahaha just one box of puchi is enuff to flood the table.. Love them!!

    Tako ('O')xx

  12. the good thing is, the squirrel is already in scale with those pucchis ^_^

  13. @Multiseven: Yups.. Totally at a suitable size!! Hahah. It's fun having him around.

    Tako ('o')x

  14. so you guys are otakus? I'm kinda one too but i read manga and watch anime online. I'm planning to buy manga's in magazines and collect figurines too, in the future though. I'm still a student so it would be hard finding money and anyway, I don't want to depend on my mother in getting them.
    I'm kind of jealous of you. (T_T)