Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LOVE is in the air!

Tako's Foreword: Ren just deleted my ENTIRE DRAFT FOR THIS POST! THANKS REN!

sorry pple.. i accidentally deleted tako's draft post for this... T.T she has a pen knife in her hands now. im scareddddd. i'll try to recall wad i've jus read up till where i stopped reading.... save me......

Now is the time for VALENTINES!!!! (weeks ago... hurhur.)

It is the time of the year where pple fall into marketing schemes by many chocolatiers, florists and teddy bear company.. but we don't.
So wad do we do here at Ren & Tako's?

Well, it is gonna be a simple day for us.. and we decided to make a DIY t-shirt with fabric paint! i trust tako's doodling skill but dun trust myself.. as i have level 0 creative skills. So im gonna let Tako start with the design!

Tako: And REN DELETED MY DRAFT POST! how to trust his "skills"??

continuation by the actual author, myself, Tako.. 

We spent the afternoon mixing paints, bickering exchanging views on where to doodle this and where to doodle that. 

Tako: Stop trying to act cute now, it won't help! I need to recall what I painstakingly typed.

This is the final product!

Are we going to wear it? Hmmm.. i guess No?? ask Ren.

Then it is time for TEA BREAK! 放課後ティータイム

Don't the cakes look absolutely scrumptious?

 Sakura Peach

It is mildly sweet and soft, filled with cherry blossom taste. Something like what the K-On girls will enjoy during their club time. 

Baileys Coffee Tart
This is powerful. Mixed with baileys and coffee aroma. POWER.

Tako: I forgot how i ended off for this post. 
Ren: I will end it, okie. 

Tako: NEVER mind. I will end it..

This is how i will end it.

A PERFECT GRADE STRIKE FREEDOM FOR REN! It was a birthday present for him. But well the stock had only arrived last evening and was sent to Ren's house today. So woot-hoot. At least i know how to end off this Valentine Day post now. 

I know that Ren loves this. He really loves this kit, because it is a Strike Freedom. And my very very first Christmas present to him long long long ago was a MG Freedom Extra Finish Version. So somehow, this particular Gundam holds a unique "place"..

When will Ren start building this kit? I wonder? He is quite busy at the moment with some painting work.

 care to guess wad is he up to? (ren: oh.. the decals for wing zero jus reach after CNY.. i'll get back to it soon.)

Till then... i'll defend myself from ren.. to prevent him from deleting my post. AGAIN.

Tako xx('O')xx


  1. Wooahhh!!!! That's PG Strike Freedom! That is a very cool present, Tako! Congrats Ren! Just take care of it when building it as I have heard some problems with the weight of the wings XD

  2. Wow this post contain nendos getting angry,a heart fill will plant,cakes,strike freedom,gozilla and omegamon XD,the mix flavor of terror,love,sweet and epicness.

  3. @Gundam Gunso: Yups a PG Strike Freedom! Hahah.. I guess as much regarding the wings, they look huge!!

    @Rubyvijudai: hahahhahaa.. what a day in my life.. Hahaa!!

    Tako ('o')v

  4. Ren & Tako... hmmm nice shirt!

  5. Hahaha, I imagined that tako kicked ren so high to the air when he deleted the draft.
    Ps : *put Akane kickin Ranma pic here* lol
    And hey, how come there's a snack in yer painting table, toxic y know, toxic... ^^

  6. @Multiseven: Thank you for the compliment!

    @canopy: Yes.. i wished i was black belt.. hahah.. as for THAT table, that is Ren's painting plus dining table.. Guess, he had not been poisoned yet, as of now.. hahaa..

    Tako ('O')9

  7. That Sakura Peach looks so delicious! But I bet the Perfect Grade taste better than anything :D

  8. I dont think i have the courage and accuracy to draw on my own clothes. And i think ur table kinda "win" mine. XD

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  10. Rennn, Takooo!!! Where are you, I miss your posts.

  11. Uwah.. lont time not visiting here..
    I forgot about your cakes!!!