Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Anime Festival Asia 2010 AFAX Part 2: GoodSmile Company

Ren is BACK to bring the 2nd post coverage of AFAX. this time is the figures and merchandises produced by Goodsmile Company, GSC. Figure collectors will have no doubt in the quality that GSC has produced these past few years.. unfortunately the rising Japanese Yen and licensing problem is slow plaguing its distribution across worldwide.

Enough about that, this year's exhibition is different from last's. This year, its the local distributor that's holding the exhibition and not by Mr. Danny Choo, so you wun get to see all the Goodsmile products and the president of GSC, Mr. Akira running ard. But there's still some things to see nonetheless. Let's start! =)


Nendoroid Petite! There's Fate/Stay Night, Vocaloids, and Death Note characters here. these cuties are extremely poisonous.. lolx. 

Bakemonogatari characters and Angel Beats!

 Some nendoroids, not as much varieties you've seen last year..

 K-On! nendoroids! someone might break in and steal Ritsu.. lolx.

 the Vocaloid Nendoroids! =D hopefully pHat! would produce a Stage-kinda playset for them! =)

 Two of the upcoming nendoroids! on the left, Kirino Kousaka & on the right Haruhi Disappearance ver.

One of the earlier nendoroids produced... Death Notes series.

-Black Rock Shooter-

Black Rock Shooter Figma

 Upcoming Black Gold Saw Figma.. their hands are getting bigger.. o.O

 Dead Master Figma. i like the translucent parts! ^^

 Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter.. you cant resist its cuteness... T.T

 Nendoroid Dead Master had a beating. XD

 Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter & Dead Master! comes with Blue-Ray & DVD

 1/8 Black Rock Shooter PVC. jus look at the details.

 1/8 Dead Master PVC. is it getting into you now? lolx.

 1/8 Black Rock Shooter -Animation Ver.-

 1/8 Dead Master -Animation Ver.-

 1/8 Black Rock Shooter Blade Ver.

 BRS Figmas..

 Black Rock Shooter Metal Charms.. i think these are necklaces.. bling enough for you?

 Nendoroid Plus+ Black Rock Shooter


 Lucky Star!

 Haruhi figma is here too..

 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha figmas.

 Yui was kidnapped.

 Something new spotted! Figma Mirai-Chan! the mascot of Dannychoo.com! you can even see her carrying a doll of herself carrying another doll of herself carrying another doll of herself carrying another doll of herself.............................

 i-cannot-remb-her-name figma.

 i-cannot-remb-her-name-too figma

 Some Kamen Rider love from Max Factory..

-PVC Figures-

 1/8 Saber -Triumphant Excalibur- 

 1/8 Kagamine Rin -Nuclear Fusion-

 1/8 Hatsune Miku VN02 mix

 1/8 Hatsune Miku Tony Ver.

 Haruhi Gekisou Ver. Series! these might get stolen too. lolx.

 1/8 Hayakawa Yuzuko

So there you have it.. this is the complete tour of the GSC booth at AFAX. i think i've only missed one figure to photograph.. which is the 1/8 Saber Lily PVC. so sorry abt that! Honestly i personally din feel much 'WOAH!' 'OMG!' 'SO COOL!!!' as compared to last year. but it maybe jus my own perference.. thanks GSC for bring us some much quality figures and sucking our wallets dry! XD 

With this.. i'll end the Goodsmile Company post and start on the next! Part 3: Shops & Activities around AFAX! thanks for reading! =D

(^^)"     レンです!     じゃね!


  1. So, did ya get anything?
    I only went for the first year, 2008. Last year didn't go as ticket prices expensive compared to 2008...

  2. max factory should really leave those kamen riders alone... LOL!

  3. @Marzz: we did get 1, 2 items i think. haha. you missed something good last year. im glad you din go this year tho. XD

    @sl619: ghahhahaha. you're right. they do seemed out of place!

    ren ^^

  4. It's Kousaka Kirino, don't get it mixed up!

    Nice looking convention. How was it being able to see products yet to be open for the public? ^ ^;
    I wanna go see too...

  5. @flawlessexa: oops. sorry. i wasnt familiar with this anime at all. i was merely just following wad was printed on the name stand. *points to the photo.* so couldn't tell which was the surname.

    haha. it was all right, maybe becos last year i really saw alot alot more new products.. its like 10 compared to 3 items... yeah. well, hope you can drop by singapore and have a look! its usually held near the end of the year.. =)