Monday, November 8, 2010

Lunchtime post: Caught in a situation..

Hello people!

It's Tako here. Am so caught in a situation.

I wanted to make a post, but I didn't bring a nendo along with me to work.

I looked up and saw Godzilla looking at me and I thought to myself, well, it had been some time since Godzilla had appeared on our blog.

Then I was happy for a second and next was, I didn't bring my cable for "Tako's Phone", so how can i upload the photos?


I can email the photos! MUWAHAHHAA. AND my mood lighten up a little. It's the monday blues.

As I was typing on my desktop, i sensed something beside me.. and my monitor start flickering, there seemed to be something with high levels of radiation near me. 

 * music in background*

Tako: Oh my! Gojira-san! 
Gojira-san: raaooow, rra raooo roaaaar rooar rooooaw raa rrraaaaa raaw. ROOOOOAR raaw raooow! raaooow, rra roaaaa rawww~
(translated - Tako, I know you are suffering from Monday Blues Syndrome. And i think i have found the cause of it.
I will destroy it! Tako, I will protect you~

Tako: Ehhh, Gojira-san, what's the cause?
Gojira-san: Raawww, raaooow, rrrrar raoo raaawww. raaaar raaaor ra raaaar raw rooooar.
(translated: Quick, Tako, there's no time. Take cover and don't come near me.)

(Noticing a ball of energy at Gojira-san's mouth!)
Tako: Ehhh, Gojira-san, please tell me what are you going to do?!

Tako: .............

Tako: ohhhh! HAHAH, thanks Gojira-san. HAHAH.

But my work.. (T.T)


Well, that was how I entertained myself on a blue monday. Mood is really lightened now. SO time for me to clear up the debris.

Tako ('O')9


  1. Gojira-san: now you don't have to worry bout work, now bring me mothra!

  2. @C.R.: hahahah. I like the ending.. sounds like a sequel.. I am scared of moths and butterflies though. Not sure if I can have mothra near me.. Lol.

    Tako ('o')9

  3. This monster is one of those bad monsters from Ultraman series? Am I right?

  4. Gozilla knows how to help humans ^^

  5. @DJS: ehhh I don't think Godzilla is part of the cast of ultraman series. But I am really not sure.. Heehee.

    @heathorn: isn't he sweet? There's a gentle side to gojira-san. (^o^)v

    Tako ('o')9

  6. i can understand ur monday blues after a long weekend due to deepavali. XD
    and thanks to gojira-san ur piles of paper is gone! LOL

  7. @sl619: haha.. Yes the long weekend.. Hee gojira-san' help is indeed appreciated.. Hahaha..

  8. Lol, love the radiation thingy :P Sayonara to work with godzilla breath!!!

    Monday blues ain't fun especially after such a nice long weekend!!

  9. wow, invite Gojira to my office, I have a whole PC to burn here ^^

  10. @chubbybots: thank you! Haha, how can gojira-san make his entrance without some radiation disturbance.. Hee..
    Monday blues is hard to cure when it happened after a long weekend. Lol. Tat's y gojira- san had to resort to such extreme measures. Hahaa.

    @h4msterworld: sure! Come pick up gojira-san, have just told him tat a fellow comrade needs his help in attacking a whole PC.. Gojira-san is more than happy to lend his "breath". Raaaaarr!! L

    Tako ('o')//

  11. stacks of paperwork taller than gojira?! burnn baby burn! Lol great effects and its very nice to see him again ^^ he is a very good protector!

  12. @rockleelotus: the papers are taller than gojira-san tat's y he couldn't control himself and need to destroy the stack. Hee. Thanks for the compliment.. (^o^) and just love how gojira-san is watching over me from the top of my CPU. Haaahaaa..

    Tako ('O')9