Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Beginning of Everything Gundam for me... ^^

Hi peeps! *waves* ren here.. sorry tt i was MIA these 2 weeks. right now i'm in mugging mode.. which explains why i'm not posting as often nowadays.. there's alot of chapters for me to catch up in japanese language if i wanna do well for my JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). The exam is gonna be on the first week of December.. but enough abt that.. i'll try to make another post abt it another day. XD

Last week.. while tako was away in Malaysia for a week, i had the opportunity to do some cleaning up in my house and room.. and well-hidden in the highest level on a mounted shelf, i stumbled upon a treasure... my very own treasure.....

Recognized something familiar? a closer look...

This is the Gundam Air Master. My very first Gunpla. Battered and bruised.

That's right.. this is my first ever gunpla.. Gundam X HG 1/100 Gundam Air Master. 

my mom bought me this kit from Chinatown's UBER old OG when i was 10 years old? really brings back lotsa memories... back then i've no idea or whatsoever a gundam is.. i jus know that its a cool looking robot that can change into a plane. so armed with my experience building legos, without any guidance, i set off to build my first gunpla. 

that was the beginning of my gunpla journey.. of cos there were on and off periods thru out the years.. especially when gunpla had a price hike. i rembed after i built this kit, the next time i touched a gundam was 4 years later, during my secondary school days. XD i think i was busy with other games and toys..

Secondary school days was another one of my 'Gunpla Peak' periods.. heh. that was when i watched Gundam Wing and rembed i had a Gundam standing in a cupboard display. 

'So THAT's a Gundam!!!'

and soon, as my interest grew and i managed to bug my mom every week, i had the whole collection of HG 1/100 Gundam Wing Series and Endless Waltz Series up on display in my cupboard...

After some maintenance.. good as 'NEW'. XD

So how did it managed to hide itself at the top of a shelf? it was during my house's living room's renovations that occurred, my dad packed up all my stuffs and hid it somewhere in the house. and i totally forgotten abt it.. i still have the whole Gundam Wing Gundams hidden somewhere in my house... 

having this Gundam Air Master reminds me on how raw my skills were when i first started.. XD i took some close up photos to share with you guys.. ^^

Almost all the nubs were untreated.. lolx. i think nothing fits nicely in this kit..
im really surprised the stickers still stays on till today... O.o

yups.. im missing one single part... T.T

more nubs!
dun worry, i'll do smthing it and give you a face lift! ^^
I've decided to give it an extreme-make over job when im free.. right now its patiently waiting for its turn to shine, while i study.. XD wad is your first gundam kit? is it still around? feel free to share it with us! =D

Smthing that appeared with Gundam Air Master.....

lol! Gashapon Figures from a more den a decade ago!! can you name all of them?? gonna clean them up and arrange them nicely on my desktop...
Cleaning up really brought alot of surprises to me....  =)

(^^)"     レンです!    じゃね!


  1. it now looks like a KO gunpla compared to the new ones when the nubs are not treated. XD
    1/100 Heavyarms Custom was my first (I think) and it suffers from similar damages! hehe

  2. WOW u oso collect gundam gashapon when u started building gunplas me too lol XD

  3. all this time your gundam air master was hibernating with a... sheep lol he held up really good after all those years. awesome gashapons too ^^

    i cant remember my first gunpla kit but it should have been one of the 1/144 gundams from gundam wing.

  4. Wah...nice rediscovery man!!! Haha those good old days. I did have a gunpla high period during my secondary school days. Then I stopped after the end of gundam wing. Glad you managed to find back your first gunpla! Good luck for your JLPT man!

  5. Must be nice nostalgia seeing your old kits...

  6. My first one was the... NG 1/144 Gundam X Divider (which has a factory defect of having a molding defect, but hidden) and still in active duty. =D

    And good luck for your test. =D

  7. @sl619: haha.. ya. now tt you've mentioned it.. it does looked like a KO kit! ha.. i see! wing series Gundam was the next i collected too.. but i did treat the nubs tt time. XD

    @gunpla: haha.. ya.. that was many many moons back. im really surprised the colours held on so well after soo many years! good investments! ^^

    @rockleelotus: hahahahhaha.. baahhhh. its to keep it comfortable with some wool. XD yeah.. cos i seldom play with it after building. i placed it straight into the cupboard for display.. haha. i hope you can find it and take some photos! heh.

    @chubbybots: yeah! i was kinda excited too when i found it.. 'woah.. my first gundam!' haha. we had the same gunpla high period. LOL. sounds wrong. sorry tako. HAHAHAH. yeah.. thanks dude! =D

    @Marzz: yeah. very nice feeling knowing that after soooo many years i still held on to this hobby.. maybe you can try to put one of your gundams in a time capsule too.. XD i think you'll feel the same after 10+ years.. ^^

    @bd77: AH! same series! haha. ohh.. wow. yeps. bandai kits wasn't as good as it is now back then. but its always the forthrunner in plastic moddling. cool! perhaps we'll see it in one of your 4komas? haha.. thanks alot! =)


  8. Wow your first gunpla is still intact. My first was the 1/100 Wing Gundam, already self-destructed to no where with the remaining corpse in pieces... >.< Anyway When i get MG wing in future it will be replaced...

  9. Just thinking, if I'm still a ten year old kid right now, and my parents decide to buy me a HGUC Sinanju for me, when I'm cleaning up my room in the future, I'll find a Sinanju as my first kit...man..kids these days are so lucky LoL

  10. Missing gundam kits.....I keep thinking of toy story 3 while reading your post ^^

    go find the wing gundam units before they escape!

  11. It is good to find some old toys.

  12. @EXkurogane: haha.. yea. im surprised i only lost one piece too! ya.. Gundams from Wing series tend to self-destruct alot. LOLOLX. yeah.. looking forward to your MG WING! =D

    @h4msterworld: that's so true!!! haha. but i'd rather still find an Air Master Gundam or even better still, a OLD RX-78-2. for me, the retro feel is irreplaceable. =D

    @heathorn: hahaha.. after reading your comment, i really did try to find the missing gundams.. only to find a few SD gundam back.. i still looking for you, my beloved Gundam Wing series gundams!! come back!! XD

    @LEon: yups. i've learnt to cherish them even more. =)

    ren ^^