Monday, June 14, 2010

When Ren meets Blue Tachikoma Nendoroid

This “love-and-hate” story started about in April 2010.

Ren was online keeping himself updated with all the happenings around and he bumped into this photo of a blue Tachikoma Nendoroid with a small machine gun. This started the cursed adventure of Ren with Blue Tachikoma Nendoroid. All along, the nendoroids that we had been collecting are female characters. There’s no male and no robot.. So when Ren recalled that there was a previous release by GSC for Tachikoma Nendoroid, he was interested and started his hunt.

Well, if any of you had tried hunting for a Tachikoma Nendoroid (BLUE), you will understand the “frustrations”. It was almost impossible to find ONE blue tachikoma nendoroid. I joined in the hunt too, I hunted on Hong Kong websites whilst Ren hunted on Japanese websites. I was always excited when I saw the word “Tachikoma Nendoroid” or “攻殼機動隊” (This is how it looks like if you try searching it using Google HongKong) but if I clicked on it, it will be either a word “sold out”, or it’s the Tachikoma Nendoroid in Yellow or Silver. It seemed like there’s no more Blue Tachikoma Nendoroid out there in this world. NO MORE. NOOOOOOooooooo~~~

Ren’s persistence almost wore off; he gave up on his pursuit, whilst I mapped my network to Hong Kong and got a friend over in Hong Kong to keep a look out for me. But nothing. Nothing came out from the search.

One day, Ren gave me a beep and he found one. ONE PRECIOUS BLUE ONE out there on this planet called earth and he was @%#*&;! excited about it. We calculated the costing and we got it shipped here to Singapore.

Now, blue Tachikoma Nendoroid is happily residing in Ren’s newly renovated room and the love story begins.

Love-and-hate: Ren loves this Blue Tachikoma Nendoroid and hates the amount of time effort money spent in getting this precious Blue. Haahhaaaa~

psst: Blue Tachikoma can be my little hostage too! Not bad! I can get to choose between gundams and tachikomas as hostage from now on..

SIDE STORY : For those with really sharp eyes, you may have noticed that there are 2 others standing beside Blue Tachikoma. Yes?? Ren bought these 2 VERY expensive Tachikomas whilst he was hunting for the blue one. We did consider "CONTENTMENT" with both Yellow; Silver. But i guess for collectors, no matter what, there will always be an inner desiree~~.

WITH the perseverance, THREE stood reunited amongst Ren's collection!

(Tako : At first, i didn't really know how to appreciate Tachikomas. After spending weeks on it, am really proud to complete this set. I have never been so hardworking in reading every single sentences on Japanese websites, till the hunt for whereabouts of Blue Tachikoma started.)

Ren is still very tied up with Unicorn, so we had left the tachikoma nendos sealed in the their boxes. Didn't really want to open the boxes myself, better to let Ren do the honour. So have only got these amount of photos to share for tachikomas. Well, we will have to wait till Ren is finally complete with Unicorn and his room renovation!

Tako ('O')9


  1. OMG~!

    REN~! What have you done, man~!? Because...

    You are one lucky guy, all THREE Tachikomas.
    I also could hear a a moan from a "certain" wallet. XD

    You lucky devil, you.

  2. omg.. i myself dunno wad i've done!! OTL

    haha.. thanks. its quite crazy really. yes.. my wallet's soul has exited its mouth...


  3. @marzz: It's a LOT! oh man, pretty amazing that how much $$ we forked out for this complete set.

    tako ('O')9

  4. woah.. I thought it was Tako, well [Ta]chi[ko]ma.. hahaha but it was Ren...

    nice loot, completing a set really give a satisfied feel [and hazardous effect for wallet too] hahaha..

  5. Wow... Those things must have cost an arm or a leg. Ghost in the Shell is awesome!

  6. @MaftyNavue: lolx.. yes. i did used that as an excuse to buy tachikoma.. muahahahhaa.. thanks! ya.. guys tend to wanna collect the whole set.. heee.. =D mr wallet is drawing its last few breathes.......

    @playevolution: yes.. im short of an arm now.. LOLX. Ghost in the Shell <3


  7. Omg....your army of must be super ex!!

    But hehe i also got 3 of something...its nendo size too :D