Wednesday, June 30, 2010

W杯 !!! 日本、見えた戦うスタイル

Has any one of you been catching up with the ongoings? Well, both Ren and Tako are.

Ren – The rational football fan of selective countries.
Tako – The emotional football fan of the same countries.

At times, Ren cannot really understand BUT still have to endure my complaints during certain matches. Ren has to cajole me like a child, otherwise I can go on and on and on and on and on.. about the Referee to the players. I am really a VERY emotional & naggy football fan. LOL.

I can repeat “oh my goodness” no less than 10 times in like one sentence and “oh man!” of varying tones up to any maximum limit possible.

Due to lack of sleep, very disappointing moments, & work, Tako’s temper has not been really good and is having a really bad flu now. As for Ren, he's not too well too. Got to drink more water.

How can Tako not talk about the soccer that Japanese are playing? How can Tako not applaud the Blue Samarais who have come so far? How can Tako not cry with them at PSO? How can Tako not be crushed?

This post is unique from the rest. I have started on this post since Japanese team started their World Cup expedition. So you will notice changes in the mood with different matches. And it is going to be a long post.

Date : 14 June 2010

Let's re-cap the opening match of Japan and Cameroon.

I have my friend with me - Gurren (グレン) & Lagann (ラガン) from 天元突破グレンラガン!
We are both hot-blooded about our land – The Land of the Rising Sun JAPAN!

日本 日本 日本!!

(Gurren & Lagann when they were just "released" from the box, before transported into Tako's care.
Hot-blooded for Japan!)

(Gurren running around breaming with excitement)
(psst: Even Danboard got curious with the amount of noises from outside her box)

(Tako: *points to Gurren's mouth* whoah! Lagann has movable joints at his mouth area!!)
(Gurren : Do not focus on my mouth only!! Watch MYYYYY Moves!!)


日本 日本 日本!!

After a round of breaking out in cold sweat for Japanese team, they scored a 1-0 victory over Cameroon. The goal was put into the net by 本田 圭佑 at 39" after the match started.

(No. 18 本田 scoring the sole goal against Cameroon) 

These photos are definately not from my camera, i didn't manage to teleport to the pitch in time. More photos and news from :

Now, please look at Tako's version of the game! (Go easy on the quality of photos..)
(These scary photos are caused by me, well, i was fumbling with the camera, watching the match, cheering for Japan, trying to capture Lagann. too much multi-tasking to do.)

Oh during half-time, things like this will happen.

(Gurren posing with Lagann for my camera.)

(Lagann introducing Friskies Party Mix, err Lagann like really small.. do drop by at your nearest supermarket to check out the size of Party Mix and you will be able to gauge the size of Lagann.)

World Cup + Tako + Not enough Sleep + Busy work. This is the potent combination.

I am extremely incoherent for this sub-post! OH my goodness! i think i will just leave it as it is, maybe 10 years down the road when I read this post again, I will laugh at my own silly-ness and how my brain could give way to such incoherence! LOL.

Date : 19 June 2010
Japan and Netherlands

As a matter of fact, I do like the way Dutch play. But no matter what, I am on the side of the Japanese. Even if it is the Germans, I will still support Japanese.

Yes, Japan lost.

Netherlands : Japan 1-0

Dutch does have some momentum that we cannot ignore.

But hey! I was watching this match with my mom and guess what my mom said, “Oh my, look at the Japanese, a little small size beside the Dutch right?” I burst out in laughter. Because I was thinking about the same thing too. Somehow Asians are at a little disadvantaged eh..

Of course, if you ask me about the match, I will only say that Japanese can play better. Do not know what happened. Quoting my mom : “Japanese seemed to have no spirit”. My mom asked me to cool down and if I wanted to join the game.

Ok, I keep my cool.
I will continue to root for Japan! 日本 日本 日本!!


Date : 25 June 2010

Japan and Denmark

I was sick and the game was playing at 2 am of 25 June 2010. I was sick till I couldn’t get out of bed and my mom even wanted me to go A&E. Of course, I refused. She asked in a threatening manner if I will wake up at 2am for the match, well, I wished I could, but physically I was not capable of it at all.

I went to the doctor in the morning, glad that I am still alive, and doctor couldn’t tell me what had happened to me. He gave me medicine only to treat the symptoms.

I got a beep from Ren and he told me that Japan won!

日本 日本 日本 !!!!

Japan : Denmark 3-1

            Japan                                    :                             Denmark

 本田 圭佑(前半17分)                     Jon Dahl TOMASSON (後半36分)

 遠藤 保仁(前半30分)

 岡崎 慎司(後半42分)

That’s so cool.

Of course I randomly switched on the tv to see if I was able to catch a repeat telecast. Yay, I was lucky. Japanese were just singing their anthem. So of course my eyes are stuck to the TV with my medicine, food, water at my coffee table.

Free kicks – I just love the way it is done. A left-footer (本田 圭佑) and a right-footer (遠藤 保仁). It just sounds so right. I just love the way it curled into the net. Whoah!

Not forgetting the last goal of the match from 岡崎 慎司 assisted by 本田 圭佑. It’s just a nice one.

I am not really good at describing the process; I can only say that I was ecstatic!

(Celebration after Endo scored in a free kick)

(Assistance by Honda for Okazaki on the last goal of the match that sealed the victory for Japan.)

Personally, I support the team as a whole, have not elected Tako’s FAVOURITES yet. But with this match, I guess, I cannot help it but start naming some names.

田中 マルクス闘莉王 Tanaka Marcus Tulio
本田 圭佑 Honda Keisuke
遠藤 保仁 Endo Yasuhito
Oh, I think I will start naming almost the whole team.

But my all–time favourite is 中田 英寿 Nakata Hidetoshi who had retired. Don't ask me why, I am just charmed by the way he played. Ren, bear with the next sentence, I find Nakata good-looking too. Don't ask me why again. Just treat me like a crazy fan-girl. 


Date : 29 June 2010

Round of 16 : Japan and Paraguay

To be frank, I had braced myself for the worst. I have heard how Paraguay played this year. But if you ask me, if I am prepared for a defeat, NO.  

As the match progressed, I was confused with the state which the match was moving. It’s not one of the most exciting match, the momentum was luke-warm with peaks at certain time. I was confused. How should I expect the game to go? Can Japan be the only Asian team in the Quarter-Finals? There seemed to be glimmer of hope somewhere.

( A piece of defending work by Nakazawa 中澤 佑二)

But the long battle pressed on and it reached the stage which I personally dislike the most – Penalty Shoot Out. I am not able to put into words, the way I totally dislike PSO. The only time I like PSO when Germany’s ex-goalkeeper Oliver Kahn is the one (one of Tako’s favourite too). I know I am biased. But even so, I feel that it is a sad ending to a match. PSO. But well, a match’s victory has to be decided in some way.

(Personally, Tako is very touched at this scene. Japanese players on their knees as they watch the PSO.)

The moment a missed shot flashed on the screen, my glimmer of hope diminished. Crashed. Though I braced myself for the worst, the disappointment is hard to bear. So close, but it’s closed now. 勝者と敗者が決まった瞬間。

How can my day be worse? With a very bad flu.

During the match against Denmark, was sick and now against Paraguay, I caught a flu too.

Tako is upset. Very Upset.

Ren told me that he’s proud of the team. I am too. Tako is proud too!

Tako continues to root for Japan.

日本 日本 日本 !!!!


「選手は素晴らしく、素晴らしく日本人としての誇りを持って、アジアの誇りを持って戦ってくれた」。- 岡田監督 (Japan's coach).

「やることはすべてやった。最後の最後まで勝利を信じ、仲間を信じ合えた。」- 闘莉王 (Tulio)



Tako ('O')..
All photos courtesy of :


  1. Yea, pretty sad that the only Asian team is out already...
    What's more sad is the defeat of England!!! Damn you referee! Cock eye ar?

  2. @Marzz: yess.. this world cup's referees have really screwed up the matches up for so many countries! its countless! they screw them left, right center, up and down! i've nv ever liked fifa at all. period. poor england. lolx.


  3. @Marzz & Ren : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! dun even mention the referees!!! totally upset.

    tako ('O')..