Monday, June 28, 2010

私たちはダンボーです! どうぞよろしくお願いします.

After a round of Tachikoma(s), what caught Ren’s eyes?

Boxes + Movable Joints = Revoltech Danboard
Is that enough? No. NEVER. It needs to be a limited edition too.
Boxes + Movable Joints + Limited Edition = Revoltech Danboard Amazon Box Version
Is one enough? What do you all think?

Ren and I had a habit of telling each other what are the stuff we want to buy, so both parties will have to agree before we buy anything.

So, Ren got into the process of putting up his marketing proposal to Tako for approval.

One day, Ren popped his iphone to me and this photo is staring into my face.

(Online photo source. Part of Ren's marketing gimmick)

Limited Edition Danboard proposal
In order to secure approval, these criteria needs to be met:-

1. Tako must find Danboard(s) adorable and not just think that they are just boxes. 
2. Tako must find that buying Danboard(s) are not a waste of money.
3. Tako must find the price reasonable.

Action to be taken: To show Tako all the adorable photos of Danboard(s). Lastly to emphasize that both are limited edition so the prices will be reasonable.

Was Ren’s proposal successful?? Yes, it was.

We waited about 2 weeks for the shipment and whola! Both of them in Ren's possession NOW!
私たちはダンボーです! どうぞよろしくお願いします.

But! An accident happened and Danbord was entered into A&E and subsequently into ICU.

Danboard was a little too old, so it was fragile. Ren accidentally broke the switch for its LED eyes and Ren quickly rushed Danboard to A&E. But after a few moments of removing the screws, Ren realized that the insides had rusted. So it had to be admitted into ICU. Ren got his soldering equipment on standby and started the rescue treatment. He had to solder the wires back, but the wires broke not only once, but a total of three times. So the insides of Danboard are really fragile. After a round of treatment, Ren was really glad that he managed to get it soldered back properly and Danboard is able to flash its eyes again. We are quite glad that it wasn’t mini Danboard, if it was, the parts would definitely be smaller and whoah, to work with small surfaces, it’s tough work.

So we got miniDanboard to pose with Danboard after getting discharged.

(ダンボー: Ren, thanks for saving my eyes.)
 (ミニ ダンボー : Let's go home!)

(ミニ ダンボー : ?????)

You will notice from the photos that Ren's working desk is really in a total mess. All from project Unicorn. I am really looking forward to Ren's Unicorn. Just a sneak peak from his desk, i know that he is in the midst of putting on some water decals. Oooooh, a big task. At least he has Danboard(s) cheering him on and Tako is trying her best to keep her tentacles from the water decals. It's tempting, i wanted to try but stopped myself. If i were ever to mess up one decal, THAT'S IT! Say bye to Unicorn.

Or buy another Unicorn (-.-)'''

Tako ('O')9


  1. Rusted... Wires... Revoltech... Those three does not MIX well... Thankfully the repair job was skillfully done(unlike me, who skipped the thing...) and now night time wouldn't so dark on the desk.

  2. @bd77: Guess it's lucky that Ren has the soldering equipment, otherwise Danboard couldn't be revived too.

  3. what!!! Danboard chans!!! Ah they are very nice additions to your collection :D Maybe i should get my wife approval lol!!!

    Just to ask where did you manage to find these 2 guys?

  4. @chubbybots: yay! POISON~~ quick go and get your wife's approval. Wishing you success!
    Ohh, we got it online and details are with Ren. Will get him to tell you. HAHAH.

    Tako ('O')//

  5. @bd77: yups. my heart sank when i felt the switch broken. and broke when i saw the wires rusty with eyes flickering.. such a sad sight. haha. thanks.. jus some basic soldering tech i've picked up during my studies.. yups! its lighting up my table alr! =)

    @chubbybots: heh.. yes.. thanks! i've hunted high and low for them.. pls start to write your petition.. i'll be the first to sign on it.. perhaps your blog?? hahaha.. i've managed to find them on (abit ex) and (EX) when they were holding some clearance sales.. maybe this explains the old danboards.. but i think you can still find them on! goodluck! if you need my help pls feel free to ask! =D glad to help..


  6. Sure is hard at work at his unicorn...makes me ashamed at my processes on my kits...