Sunday, February 12, 2012

Un-Boxing!!~~ Combined Version

- Ren's Version -

i bought something.
i point.
i told her that her package arrived.
she screamed.
i scare-ed.
i confused.
she smiled.
i showed my thumb.

- Tako's Version -

When Ren told me that there's a package for me that had arrived, I was excited. Wondering what can that be? Cannot be Aisaka Taiga, since he had openly told me that it had arrived a few days back..

He casually pointed to a corner in the room..

Ren: "Over there, can you see a huge box?"
Tako: "uh-huh, yups, saw it, quite a huge box.." (did not make any effort to see the wordings on the box as it was blocked.)
Ren: "Go, read what's printed on the box."
As I made 2 steps to my right so that I could catch the words, my brain processed it into "Hastune Miku ... DX"
One second lapsed, and I..
Tako: "What?!! You bought it~~~~~~~~~~! It's expensive! What?! You bought it!! You are crazy! You bought it?!!!!!!"
Ren: "I thought you liked it, so I pre-ordered it."
Tako: "I just knew it back then when you told me about the pre-order, you bought it???!" (Obviously still not able to overcome the shock.) "Oh my goodness~ HAH"

I sent the link of Hatsune Miku's Love is War - song to Ren when he was in London. 

That's right after I read Mikatan's blog that the figure is ready to be shipped. I even made a (secret) search for the figure, kind of regretting that had missed out on the pre-order. 

Oh my, Ren can really read me. 

Seeing the actual figure featured on Mikatan's blog, made my heart skipped a beat as the figure with the set-up is really a good job done. 

I love the loud hailer!! 

But I didn't expect to own one.

Give me some time, cool it. It's right here, right in front of me, ready to be un-boxed. 

 ('o')9 yay!  タコです!(^.^)" hurhur. レンです!


  1. @Tsuna: It's a pretty cool figure. Stay tuned for the "unveil"..

    Tako ('O')9

  2. wow Miku love is war DX,waiting for real unboxing ^^

  3. It looks... bigger than a PS3 box (for lack of better comparison) o_0

    Figures can be pretty crazy in size huh... ^^;

    Anyway, congrats on the get! :D