Thursday, January 12, 2012

I dug up some ancient items..

I have been forced to pack my room, I mean, a major overhaul.

This means that I have to remove every single item in my room to make space for the new furniture to be moved in. This is a nightmare.

Contrary to Ren, I don’t really like to pack my room. I live in a messy place. I thrive in mess. Hahaha. This sound horrible, but it’s more of a case where I have been staying in my room for decades and things pile up throughout the years and I mean a lot of things, since a kid till now!

So as I pour through my stuff, with Tako’s mom nagging hard in the background, I had discovered some “ancient” items.

Age of Gunpla kits
Left to Right: Age - 1 yr old (can't remember), 11 yr olds, 12 yrs old.


A layer of sticky dust lie on the box of Deathscythe. Look at him, so cute. Given by my buddy during my school days about 12 years ago. This is my first gundam and I wasn’t the one who built it, she did it for me.

HG 1/100 Wing Gundam

A well maintained Gundam sealed in my cardboard since 11 years ago. Given by another friend of mine and it came to me in the al-ready-built form. I think, during those days, it was a trend that if one was to buy a model kit as gift, would have to build it too and give the al-ready-built form to show the sincerity. 

Last year, I gave Ren a PG Strike Freedom as birthday present. So if I were to show my sincerity and built it. It would have been a nightmare to Ren, the joy of gunpla is the process of building it and admiring all the hard work that have been put it for the final product.

Imagine my Tako's tentacles working on the delicates of PG parts, wow, scary.

HG 1/144 Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom
About an year old.  Ok, I admit. Memory is failing me, am not able to recall when did i buy this, maybe last year. After building it, had wanted to pass to Ren for fine-tuning. But~ it lay in my cardboard for a year..

Then, I realised.. JUST ONE THING..

I have only built 2 HG gundams, 1 PG's leg, 1 Mega Size.
awwww~~~ this is so little..
Compared to so many of you out there, what's this?? Hahahaa..

But these old kits really brought back fond memories of my school days hanging out with my friends. Though my friends do not really known about Gundam (all they knew was, Tako watched Gundam Wing anime), they actually got me these kits. Never fail to chuckle whenever I thought of it. 

I have asked Ren to help me a little on these kits..

He even found the missing horn for Deathscythe, now he looks macho as compared.

See.. Ren can do more credit to gundam kits.. So have got to ask Ren to come up with more Gundpla posts!! REN~~


Tako ('O')9


  1. Hi, I saw that you were selling Miku's World Is Mine Figure on

    Are any still avaliable? Thanks!

  2. wow you are like an archeologist discovering these ancient artifacts! im amazed to see how they are still in great condition too, lol im also a messy person.. i remember when i discovered my old kits that i thought were lost/trashed XD

    you need to level up your tentacles Tako! try to build more kits and just have fun :D

  3. @rockleelotus: I like the word archaeologist~ It's quite a thrill to find things that we once thought was lost but is recovered. I will want to try my tentacles on more kits, Yosh!

    @AngJY: welcome welcome! (^ー^)ノ

    Tako ('O')9