Monday, December 26, 2011

It's time for Christmas! Merry Christmas! メリークリスマス!!

Tis is the season to be jolly,
la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

And it is the time show our love and appreciation to our love ones by exchanging little gifts specially hand-picked.

Ren and I never fail to find ourselves scratching our head just to think of the perfect present for each other.

At this very moment, Ren muttered to himself, "It is a million dollar question, if anyone is able to tell me what is the perfect present for Tako, he will give a million dollars to that person.."

Ren and I have decided. This year, we will not buy each other any present. Ha.

Though we are not exchanging presents, our lovely treasures are all ready to have their own gift exchanges this very Christmas.

*Ding Dong* Two parcels have arrived and all just for Christmas. 

ehhh, it's actually Danboard and miniDanboard. (-.-)

lots of chattering going around in the house.

Saber Lion: "oooh, i just love Christmas. There's going to be turkey for dinner.. Tako, I want turkey.."

Konata: "Is that our presents, will I be getting limited edition games or figures?"

Miyuki: "As long as it's a gift from my friends, I will love it."

Kagami: "As long as Konata doesn't create trouble, it will be good."

Tsukasa: "As long as I can spend Christmas with everyone, I will be happy."

Suddenly a ray of light shone through the window. 

A pair of wings?? 天使??

Konata: "Is that a gundam? Gundam Wing!"

Elise: "Gundam is coming to blast all of us? Run! People RUUUUUNNNNN!"

Saber: "No, i will stay with my master. I will protect her and all of you."

Gojiraa-san: "Y U come now Gundam?! It's Christmas!!"

Miyuki: "Hmm, I think that's not a gundam.." straining her eyes to see better. "It looks like angels."

Tsukasa: still shocked.. "angel??"
Kagami: : "How can there be angels?"
Konata: "... ... あれ..."
Kagami: "..."

Angel A and Angel B enters the scene... eating.

Konata: "I can cosplay with these wings.. oooh.." Konata attempts to pluck out the wings.

Saber Lion: "Ren, I am scared. I want my turkey."

Elise: "Oh can I be friends with angels?"

Gojiraa-san: "Where is gundam?"
Being surrounded and chased after by almost everyone, the angels quickly left too..

Saber: "Tsk..."

Is it time for gift exchange?

Happily opened the presents and the gifts are body parts! Morbid!

Tsukasa: (o.O) "ahhh!! (too scared to scream.) But finally, i can sit down now..."

Konata opens her present to find a pair of arms.

Konata: "It's fun!! I can cosplay now, booster arms!" *clamp clamp!*
Saber Lion: "nooooooo...."

Kagami opened hers and... *speechless*

Tsukasa: "Sister! You can sit down too!"

Miyuki and Saber Lion opened their presents to find something more normal..
Miyuki: i got a bottle of wine! ^^
Saber Lion: The turkey IS my present!!! :3


Literally behind the scenes....

Elise: "I'm still running..."
Everyone else is watching the filming process..

Ciel: They DARE take my sitting body!!! Do they not know I'm a PHANTOMHIVE??
Sebastian: . . . . . . .

Konata: *clamp.. clamp clamp!!*

Alright, that's the end of our Chirstmas special '11!!

Halo everyone, ren here. woah! its really been a long long time since i've posted personally. Just an update, its been quite a tiring but great year for me as im moving on to a different phase in my life. previously when the blog was very active, i was studying full time and i had lots of time in my hands to blog. (i have yet to find a way to blog effectively, still. xD) now, i'm currently working full time and pursuing my further studies, which explains my absence from this blog. Time now is quite precious for me.. as i spent it with tako, studies, work and some gunpla if i can afford. so i hope as i finish my studies in a year or two, i would eventually replace studies with some blogging. Really miss all of you guys who have been reading all of tako's posts.. XD thanks for staying with us.. i hope you guys have been doing well or get better soon if you aren't. Hope you've enjoyed this post by us, was kinda last minute job, but lots of effort are put in it.. all the face changes and props. this post had me practice my blogging skills again.. with lighting, photography, photo editing.. hahaha.. i was so afraid that i couldn't remb how to post anymore! in anyway, please take care guys and have a great new year ahead. =)

From Ren & Tako, We sincerely wish everyone of our readers..



  1. Very funny and interesting! Ahaahaha

    Anyway, Merry Christmas!


  2. Oh mai, hiya Ren, long time no see yer post.
    And mai.... fufufu, the pictures as cute as ever. XD XD

  3. glorious nendo family gathering for the holidays! and who wouldnt be excited to receive body parts a gifts? Lol

    glad to hear you are doing well, work and studies have been keeping many of us busy @_@; but its very nice to see this post. happy holidays and happy new year ren and takoooo!!! :D

  4. @ Shizuo: Thank you for the well wishes and wishing you a happy 2012~ Welcome to our blog and hope to see you around..

    @ canopy: thank you for the compliment.. Lucky Star cast is a fun group!

    @rockleelotus: Ren and I were equally excited when we were doing the body exchanges. Lol.

    Well let's give ourselves a pat on our shoulder for the hectic lives in Yr 2011 and look ahead to an exciting year ahead Yr 2012. Wishing you a happy and blessed year!! o(^▽^)o

    Tako ('O')9

  5. LoL The girls have a very interesting gifts for Christmas ^^