Sunday, October 30, 2011

... HARU-CHOOOOooooo!!!~ *wipes*

Hello people!

Am back in Singapore for a month but what had happened to me?

As usual, sick. LOL

Caught a bad flu that led to bad inflammation and now, coughing my lungs out.

Well, when i am sick, i become a terror or tyrant. Don't you agree that when you are sick, you seemed to have more privileges like, people will give in to you, bring medicine to you, pours you your favourite drink.

(Sebastian : Ren ; Haru : Tako)
Ren: Tako, please take your medicine on time. 
Tako: I don't want to take the medicine, even if I take medicine, doesn't recover. 

Ren: Be good.. please take your medicine, otherwise you can't recover
Tako: Nooooo...

Ren: sheeesh, whenever Tako's sick, she become a handful. 
Tako: I know what you are thinking about..

Ren thinking to himself, smile Ren, smile.. 

Ren: See, a cute little kitten. Don't you want to cuddle it?

Ren: *squints his eyes* Finally.
Tako: yay! cute kitty. 

Well, people, it's time for me to really take my medicine now. see ya when i am feeling better.

Tako (*o*)v

after viewing the preview..
Tako: Ren, am I that bad?
Ren: No la~ where got?! >.>


  1. Nice story!

    take your medicine and get well soon :)

  2. @Shizuo: Thank you, do hope to recover soon..
    *cough cough*

    Tako ('o')v

  3. The hardest thing when you got sick is the fact that you have to take those medicine T.T

  4. The lady in pink is kind of cute.... I love pink!!!

  5. @h4msterworld: Yups am still on medication~ T.T

    @DJS: Haru-chan is really cute.. ^^

  6. Oh Tako, how have you been?! get well soon. :)
    And get Ren to post again too la, hehehe. :D