Wednesday, June 8, 2011

とらドラ! 逢坂大河~~~~~


I love this anime. It is a very personal thing as it tugged my heart strings whenever i watch and re-watch..

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first but was hooked to the anime by the 2nd episode, glued to the screen as the whole story unravels.

I like all the characters in the anime but exceptional for both Taiga and Ryuji (for my personal reasons). vv('o')vv

So when I started collecting Nendoroids, what is the first thought that came to my mind?

I NEED to have a Taiga Nendoroid, and a Ryuji Nendoroid too!

After researching, to my disappointment, nopes! There aren’t no nendoroids for Toradora.

But there is a Nendoroid Petite of Taiga in her super cute bunned up hair!!

And I got all hyped up, and to my disappointment again, it comes as a gift for ToraDora! game for the PSP and by the time I entered the world of nendoroids, it was long after this free-gift event in mid of Yr 2009.

(photos courtesy of online resources)

So I told myself, “Okay, face it, Tako. You can’t own everything you wanted. There is always some regrets when it comes to being a collector..”

And I was fine up till.. ONE DAY!

Ren told me that there is a magazine which will be launching its first issue and the gift that comes with the first issue is “TAIGA”!! WHOOT HOOOT!!


So we placed our orders online and I wanted anxiously for Taiga.

Then came the unfateful event, the earthquake in Japan.. The pain and suffering..

The parcel got a little delayaed, but it's fine.

THEN! Ren stuffed a magazine into my face and when I saw the cover of it! 


IT’S MY TAIGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Immediately I kidnapped Taiga for a day and took 23 photos of her in less than half an hour. It is a nendoroid puchi, so it did not come with accessories. Just Taiga herself (and a stand..).. Though I can’t really pose her, but I still adore her soooooo much.. I just continued snapping her on my Tako’s Phone non-stop.. 

(Taiga is ???)

A day later, I flipped the magazine. It’s a magazine for those who are interested in knowing how anime is made.But I didn't read it and don't think am capable of reading it and understanding it well. So this is my only guess. my sincere apologies. But i will try to read to appreciate the effort that the people had put into making this magazine.

This issue featured not only Toradora, but Casshern Sins, Summer Wars and some other new animes. Not intending to infringe any copyright laws, I have picked a few snapshots..

The cover page
(.. clean without my doodling)


Casshern sins

 Summer Wars

Ehh. back to appreciating Taiga. Bye people.

Oh, Ren is busy.His house is going through some renovation for the toilets, and busy with studies too. And driving lessons..

This is how his toilet looks like now.. 

But before this.. This was how his toilet looked like. 
 IN THE LIVING ROOM! -disaster-  It looked like some epidemic area with all the plastics wrapped around the whole house. Every single inch of the house is covered with dust and concrete dust. NO TOILET TO USE! eh.. quite skeptical of this ORANGE YELLOW CUBICLE TOILET. Well, he is still trying to overcome the trauma with the mess the ORANGE YELLOW CUBICLE TOILET project had left behind. GUNDAMs NENDOROIDs FIGUREs COMPUTER covered with a layer of unidentified sand. HAh!

Hope that he can walk out of his trauma and start blogging again. HAHAHAHHAHhAAAAAA!

Tako ('O')x


  1. Whoa it's really a mess there. Anyway Taiga is really cute and hope that Ren recovers from the trauma soon XD

  2. Cute Taiga, worth all the effort of getting it right :D

  3. TAIGAAAAAA!!!!!! why do you tempt me so, i too want her nao! :3 haha you are so lucky to have a little taiga.

    what a coincidence too, i just recently rewatched Toradora... so many teary eyed moments T_T its one of my fav animes.

    oh toilet renovations, ive been there o.O but i have never seen such a strange colored cubicle toilet... poor ren lol hope the nendos and gunpla didnt see anything weird! :P

  4. @Gundam Gunso: it's a total horror.. Imagine the layers of dirt landing on everything from furniture to gundams and nendos and figures! argh.. Yups, he's still trying to clean up the mess.. Yups taiga is a delight in the midst of the horror. Hah.

    @h4msterworld: Taiga's really a precious, worth all the effort!! 

    @rockleelotus: hahahahahahhaaaa! Go get her~~~~~ hahah. Poison!! 
    Such a coincidence!! Yups I agree.. Touching moments.. And indeed one of my favorite too!

    That ORANGE YELLOW CUBICLE thing is really.... Ehhh.. Weird. Hahahaha. Imagine using it in the midst of the living room. Ultimate weirdness. Hahahaha. Yups.. Guess have to wash the nendos and gunplas eyes, just in case.. 


  5. The toilet picture seems to be unique LOL

  6. @David John Shewsbury: lolll, it's a capsule toilet.

    Tako ('O')9