Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sweeping off the dust on gunplas and more.. and.. gave in to temptation.

*stomp stomp*

And leaves a print on the thick layer of grim & dirt on Ren’s table.. sigh.. looks like there’s still lots of hardwork to be needed to clean up Ren’s place..

In the midst of all the cleaning and dusting, Ren decided to take a break off and we had a slow stroll along Orchard Road few days back. It’s the GSS now, so there’s quite a fair of good deals to catch. But the ONLY ONE that caught Ren’s attention was Toys R Us sales, pick up a Mega size Zaku at S$99.95 and promotion ends 27 June 2011.

Somehow, we ended up at Forum, went up a few levels and found ourselves inside Toys R Us, the next moment, we were giggling down the cashier lane with a huge box in our hands - 1/48 Mega Size MS-06S Char's Zaku II! Hahahahaa.

Remember my toyie, RX-78? He’s tall, grand and I just love playing with it.. So how can I not have another mega-size toyie?? It’s so much fun. So, the stroll along Orchard Road ended up with a setback of S$99.95 on Ren’s wallet and a huge box addition in the “already-very-messy” room of Ren’s.

(Loot No. 1)

I like it. I like the idea of seeing these 2 tall mobile suits standing side by side. It just looks good.

We popped over to Ngee Ann City after that.. AND fell into temptation of course and as usual. We decided on a little box of HG - 1/550 HG Dendrobium RX78GP03. Remember my little GP03D?? isn’t he such a cutie in the post?? So we are moving on to something more serious. So we hopped down to the cashier and whola! We had bagged Zaku & Dendrobium for the day!!

(From left to right : Loot No. 2 & Loot No. 1)


(From left to right : Loot No. 1 aka Mega Size Zaku & Ren's butt)

(Loot No. 2 aka Dendrobium)

(Tako: Please do not be disturbed by the black blob at the side, it's just me trying to blob out Ren.. and his butt. Sorry for the small sofa. LOL. x.x )

Ren did ask me if I wanted to build either model, the ZAKU or the DENDROBIUM.  

Hahahaha, he must be kidding!


First, Zaku which is a mega size, all its parts are big pieces and look so imposing.. scary. Nubs and mistakes will look so glaring. NO!!

Next, Dendrobium.. HELLO???? Me???? Challenging Dendrobium?? Hellooooo????????? NO!!
How's it even possible?????!!!!

But I am sooooooo excited for Zaku.

But Ren is so busy with work, studies and many more..

Or should I really straight build Zaku first?? Hmmmm. Hahaaaa.

Tako ('o')9


  1. Zaku got sale? How much was it?

  2. OOOooo... I know the Zaku sale! I got myself one too... Great deal at $99.95. XD

  3. Gunpla and figures greatest enemy... DUST!! >_<;;;

    very nice loot ... 1/48 is huge.. >_<

    and that Dendrobium box looks so tiny when put together with that zaku II box lolol

    build the zaku II!!

  4. How about considering a 1/144 HGUC Dendrobium? haha That'd cost around SGD $450-500.

  5. That's a Huge Red baby there ;)

  6. @Daymien: Heeee, think Gundam Gunso - san helped me to reply.. Yups it's at S$99.95!! Toys R Us!!

    @Gundam Gunso: (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) yay man!! Good good!! Buy buy buy.. Lol. Looking forward to your build..

    @Tsukinari: dust - total nemesis!! Ren is still trying to clean his room til this very moment..

    Yups, 1/48 is huge.. Its runners look... BIG.. Lol!

    Thanks for the suggestion and I take it as an encouragement! I may really build it.. Hur Hur..

    @EXkurogane: (; ̄ェ ̄) so expensive.. I think I will convince myself to be contented.. (T ^ T)

    @Aya: oh yay! My huge red toyie!!

    Tako ('o')9

  7. Great to see you two back to posting. Hehe maybe build the Zaku first then have pictures of the zaku building the dendrobium haha!

  8. @chubbybots: yaaaa, we disappeared for a while.. it feels good to be back in momentum. am slowly building back the pace for posting..

    Good idea! Zaku building dendrobium and RX-78 carrying GP03D in the background. LOL.

    Tako ('o')9

  9. *jaw drop* your toyie is going to get a new buddie! woot woot

    i like chubbs idea and you painted a very fun picture in my head Lol

  10. @rockleelotus: yayyyy!!! New buddie.. Woot hoot!! Yups a very good idea from chubbs.. Hee hee.. Looking forward to it!!

    Tako ('O')9