Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When Bearguy meets Bear Bear..

In Year 2009, Ren stitched me a bear called “Kumo” 100% hand-sewn.
In Year 2010, Ren bought me a bear called “BearBear” 100% manufactured.
In Year 2011, Ren built me a bear called “Bearguy” 100% hand-built.

But too bad, Kumo cannot be present for the photo-shoot, hence have gotten Bear Bear to be the guest instead.

(Left to Right: Bearguy and BearBear)

Bearguy: "Tako told me that your name is BearBear.. Hellooo! I am new to the family, so let's have a great time from now on!!"
BearBear: "hmmmm.. mmmph. ooof.."

Very excited to be part of the big Ren & Tako family, Bearguy continues to pose himself in front of the camera.

Bearguy: *pats BearBear* "You know what, BearBear, I am really happy to be here.."
*Bearguy flashes a grin to the camera*
BearBear: "hmmmph, oooof, mmmph"

Bearguy: " So happy to be here!!"
*accidentally leg hits BearBear*

Bearguy froze...

BearBear didn't move an inch.
Bearguy: "I am so sorry!! BEARBEAR! It's not on purpose."
BearBear: "mmmph.. hmphh.."
Bearguy: "oh BearBear!! You are sooooo NICE!"
BearBear: "..."
Tako: "Bearguy, I am so happy that you can understand BearBear's language, but maybe you can try posing further away from BearBear to avoid further accidents.."

Bearguy prances away from BearBear and makes a ballet move.

Tako: "Bearguy, freeze!"

(We were not holding on to Bearguy when this photo was taken, a very good balance..)

Bearguy: "I can half-squat too! and wheee!"

Bearguy looks like one who likes to move around and so...

Bearguy: "... wheeeeeeeee!"
(Description: Bearguy on a backpack spin!!)

Bearguy: "All dance must end with an ending pose!"
BearBear: "hmmmm.. oooof..mppphh.. phhhhh"
(Tako: Was a little giddy after the spin, blurred photo as a result.)

BearBear can't move at all.

In comparison, Bearguy is very articulate, the joints are flexible and easy to manipulate. So Bearguy can pose in almost any position with a good balance. The only exception is handstand, I guess, hands too short and head too big.

I like the variety of ways we can pose Bearguy and he comes with extend-able arms too, but didn't feature it in this post. You can see how much fun we had with Bearguy.

The preparation of this post was filled with lots of fun and laughter. Not forgetting that we had to control our giggles and laughter while we video-ed the spin. We had a few NGs from my shaking hands due to me giggling.


Bearguy: "Help, BearBear."
BearBear: "mmmm..phh.."
 *Ren to the rescue*

 Bearguy: "Bye Bye everyone! See you all next time!!"
BearBear: "mmphhhh.. OOOFF!"

Tako ('O')v


  1. Haha...
    Looks like Bearguy has bought a lot of joy to both of you XD

  2. @Gundam Gunso: Tons of joy!! Helped to relieve stressful lifestyle.. LOL.

    Tako ('O')v

  3. You can easily tell that Bearguy and BearBear is gonna get along really well :D

  4. @h4msterworld: they will be the best of friends!! It's a joy to have them.

    Tako ('O')v

  5. Hehe so sweet of Ren haha! Bearguy is a worthy addition to your growing collection of bears :P

    Maybe have ren color the bear into winnie the pooh version next year!

  6. It's great to u back with a funny Omake!!! After so long, the blogosphere has been filled with dull-ness... LOL

    cant help but noticed Gurren laughing at Bearguy in the second last pic! HAHA

  7. @chubbybots: Bearguy seems to be a perfect fit into the collection! It's really loads of fun whilst posing him. Next year.. haha, not a bad idea. REN! Heard it??

    @sl619: Thank you. Tons of laughter!! I didn't notice him at the back. Thank you soooo much for pointing it out. LOL!

    Tako ('O')v

  8. That Bearguy is simply awesome!!!! I really love it...

  9. @DJS: bearguy is really a nice addition to the collection, the fun and laughter.. (⌒▽⌒)

    Tako ('O')v